How a warm palette wears black

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how a warm palette wears black

Hooray, it is Friday and it takes us a little closer to fall!  Today, I want to show you how a warm palette wears black.

Most of you know I went from a “wrong” cool palette to a “correct” warm palette in the last two years.

Once I knew all my cool colors, including black and white, were wrong for me to be my best me, I decided to send them on their merry way.

UNLESS (and that is a big UNLESS) they were pieces on the bottom of my styles or in accents.

As long as they were away from my face, I gave some consideration to allowing some pieces to remain in my wardrobe.

The black garments near my face really did cast a shadow which aged me and even made me look tired…all of the time!

Get my warm colors right is the best fashion move I ever made.

 I never really understood why I did not look good in white, until I had my colors re-evaluated.  I wasted a lot of money looking for the perfect white blouse.

For me, there was not perfect white blouse and I no longer search for it.

I was amazed when I discovered I am a VIBRANT AUTUMN palette and that the difference literally was shining a light on my complexion.


how a warm palette wears black

This is a new outfit for me and a great example of how a warm palette wears black. 

First of all, allow me to share where it came from….

One of my wonderful sons gave me for my birthday a gift certificate to a fun boutique called NICHE AT THE PEARL in the repurposed Pearl Brewery area.

If you travel to San Antonio, it is worth the visit, because everything is unique and created by a local designer.

His gift enabled me to have the bone colored linen tunic top, the vegan leather handbag, and the dark bronze necklace. 

how a warm palette wears black

These wide-leg knit pants were a past purchase at JJILL and I decided at the time I purged black from my warm palette wardrobe to hang on to them.

Since my shoe boxes are all over the living room, Leigh Ann was able to find my old flats from Nordstrom (Halogen brand).

I loved these shoes so much when I worked in the professional office world, so despite the touch of black, I decided to also hang on to them.

So, glad I did….I love them with this outfit.

This is a more understated look for me, meaning it is not in the vibrant colors I so often wear.

But, how this warm palette wears black really speaks to my new neutrals….the bone top and the touches of caramel.

I still have switched over to more navy and marine blue over black, but keeping about three pair of black bottoms has served me well.

how a warm palette wears black

I love how this speaks my five style adjectives…..

  1. Creative – it is in the details, buttons, jewelry and handbag
  2. Polished – fit of the top…not too oversized for a tunic (in fact I might have sized down) and pointed toe flats are a more polished feature
  3. Current – the wide-leg pant is everywhere and still current for fall
  4. Approachable – It says fun, nice, relaxed and  come speak with me
  5. Joyful – I am smiling big because I really love this outfit…a lot!

I saw a fashion movie recently and one of the statements in the movie was, ” The price tag shouldn’t overwhelm the joy you get from wearing the outfit.”

I know this was a gift, but if I had decided to purchase these pieces, I believe my joy in wearing them would out weigh the price.

I also want to say that I would not purchase black pants now, but I am glad I kept the ones already in my wardrobe.

However, there are some great colors in the wide leg style currently on the market.

Here are a few of the wide leg pants in a few of our favorite stores:


how a warm palette wears black

Here is an example of how this warm palette also wears white.

I am in white jeans but you will not see a white/white top near my face.

That is the main point if you are a warm palette and desire to wear black or even white.  Keep your palette near your face or it will cast shadows on your complexion you do not want.

I kept a couple of black purses, but since I found out I was a warm palette, I have carried purses with my colors.

I want to be consistent and wearing my palette every day also brings me joy.

Of course, if you are a warm palette and wearing black brings you joy, then go for it.   It is your choice, but look closely in the mirror when it is near your face.

On me, I have chosen to wear next to my face, the colors I believe flatter me the most.


how a warm palette wears black

This bold beautiful necklace from the Copper Sand Collection at Treska combines the warm palette with black so well.

This is the Punalu’u Large Shell Short Pendant Statement Necklace on a copper chain. 

how a warm palette wears black

I wore it recently with a brown top (older top in my wardrobe) and black snake bottoms (one of the pants I kept), but I want to style it for you soon…and I have something in mind.

Since I have lost a little weight I am enjoying fun styling…promise to share it soon.

how a warm palette wears black

The necklace pairs so well with this Oneuli Beaded Chunky Stretch Bracelet.

You will see me style something different soon.

So, if you are also a warm palette lady…how do you wear black?  Please share all ideas.

Thank you for being here for my discussion of how a warm palette wears black!  Hope to see you tomorrow for Would You Wear It…and throughout this day make sure you….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted pieces featured in this post and the words are all my own.

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how a warm palette wears black

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