How to dress up casual clothes

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How to dress up casual clothes

Happy Monday, ladies!  Welcome to a discussion today of how to dress up casual clothes.

Yesterday, I started another talk about using five style adjectives in retirement and today I continue it with how to dress up casual clothes.

I there are times in our 60s, 70s, and beyond when we want to take our casual wardrobe to another level.

It might be to meet a friend for lunch; attend a non-profit planning meeting; go to church; go shopping; well, there are many times we may want to look our casual best.


How to dress up casual clothes

Here is an outfit I will wear for many of those occasions.

It speaks to my style adjectives:

  1. Polished – a great jacket will polish off just about any look and dress up any denim
  2. Creative – I have added my creativity with the scarf and the bracelet
  3. Current – the jacket is purchased from a summer 2022 collection and the white denim is distressed on the bottom for a current touch
  4. Approachable – the bright colors and accessories give me a smile and hopefully say that I am friendly
  5. Joyful – the overall look in my colors and in my adjectives helps me to go out with a confident smile on my face.

I am a vibrant autumn, and I plan to wear this Montauk Twill Jacket in the Bright Papaya color all year long.   The sleeves come down nicely and will work a long time in our warmer climate.

I watched this jacket from the moment it hit the floors and knew I would need a sale price to own it.  

One of the reasons I believe it is in the Talbot’s Sale is because it does fit smaller…the fit across the shoulders can be tight.

If I had purchased at full price, it would now be too big, but since I have lost weight over the summer, it fits well. 

One of the sales associates at Chico’s recently told me to be very careful about purchases during weight loss…it is a good warning.

There are many places I will wear a look like this one…even though I am no longer in the professional office life.

I dressed up casual clothes here with a jacket, fun accessories, and nice shoes (not sneakers).

If you feel the need to dress up casual clothes more, then go for a nice pair of pants instead of denim.


how to dress up casual clothes

As I said yesterday, when we use our style adjectives and our colors to build a wardrobe, then it all works together.

It is easy to dress up casual clothes because the pieces are right there waiting for you to create outfits.

This jacket will go with my blue denim, blue pants, brown pants, olive green, and tan pants…it all works together.

I have worn many dresses this summer because of the excessive heat; however, I much prefer a wardrobe of separates.

Maybe that is my creativity kicking in and love of playing with my clothes!

I personally believe a successful casual wardrobe is 98% separates which work together as a family should.

Here is another plus for using the five style adjectives to dress up casual clothes:

There are many professional stylists who look at my crazy, curly hair (bigger right now, this is salon week); my curvy body; and my preferred colors and say that I am bohemian.

Bohemian style, quite honestly, is difficult to dress up and just did not feel like me.

But, I am borrowing the creativity of bohemian and giving it the polish of a huntswoman with my style adjectives. 

I tried once to just dress classic style when I was in the workforce….sorry, it was not me…though it is amazing on so many women.

Be very careful of being shoved into a box or category based on certain physical attributes.

Be Uniquely You…what do you want to tell the world about you with your clothing?  It is your first impression with any one….your calling card.

Today’s slideshow features pieces which would be helpful to dress up casual clothes…and I was careful to select mostly pieces on sale:

Please share…how do you dress up casual clothes and for what purposes do you do this most often?

We would love to hear your thoughts…..and then, of course, always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


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dress up casual clothes

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