I’m taking Collagen for Her for bone strength & more

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Collagen for Her

Good morning, ladies!  Today I want to explain why I am taking Collagen for Her for bone strength & more, and why I decided to partner with this impressive brand.

I know this is another supplement to try, but I for one had specific reasons to try it.

During my annual checkup, I talk with my doctor about my bones.  This conversation always occurs after my blood tests.

I have been on the cusp of Osteopenia for a while now. This happens when our bodies do not make new bone as quickly as it reabsorbs old bone.

I have been a little frightened to see that I am shrinking!  One half inch shorter!

Osteopenia can develop into osteoporosis…which my mother did have.

For me, taking calcium supplements has always been a problem.

Everyone I have tried leads to major constipation, even with added magnesium.

So, this is why I decided to try Collagen for Her after they reached out to me and after I did some research.


Collagen for Her

This has given me even more excitement about my morning coffee.

Any friend or family member will tell you just how seriously I take my morning coffee.

With one scoop, Collagen for Her dissolves quickly into my cup of coffee and there is no taste at all.  I am not even aware it is there…the powder dissolves immediately and is completely tasteless.

And would do the same in hot tea or any hot beverage.

From what I read when I did some research, if the collagen clumps up in my coffee, then it is bad collagen. 

I have done this every day for a couple of weeks and there are no problems.

All systems go…if you know what I mean!

 Plus, the additional benefits of taking quality collagen that is responsibly sourced are stronger hair and nails, and possibly a softening of those pesky wrinkles.  I can always use that!

Collagen For Her peptides are from grass fed, pasture raised bovine in South America.

Every time they receive these shipments, they also receive a certificate of analysis to ensure its purity and that it is safe for consumption.

The testimonies I read about Collagen for Her convinced me to give this a try.


Collagen for Her

I always encourage you to discuss supplements with your doctor as I do.

But there are many reasons to give it a try as I am doing and look toward several possible youthful benefits.

For me, I hope it will be bone strength.  But I like the fact there are beauty benefits as well and a touch of youthfulness to my complexion.

As I said, I am currently using the Original Unflavored Collagen Peptides, pure collagen powder, in my coffee. Collagen Her also has products I plan to try.  The Marine Collagen Beauty Blend includes collagen, 100% Vitamin C, biotin, and hyaluronic acid.  This one is especially great to keep our youthful glow caring for our hair, skin, and nails.  Or if you prefer, you may like to take your collagen available in the Multi-Collagen Capsules.

I will let you know how things are progressing, but, so far, I like the results for my system as it seems better than what I was doing.

Do your own research, though, and I will report back!  Collagen Her is partnering with me to make it possible for you to try your own.  When you use the code OVER50FEELING40 you can get a 10% discount through the website here.  Also, all of their products are available on Amazon and you save 10% on every order when you choose the Subscribe and Save option.

Thank you for being here and reading why I am taking Collagen for Her for bone strength.  Every day be purposeful to stay your healthy best and make sure you always….


 By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  This is a compensated post, but the words are my own.

Collagen for Her

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