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Hello! I hope you all are doing great! I am in LA and here until Friday, visiting my daughter, her fiancé, and granddaughter. We have had a great couple of days so far. My little granddaughter is probably the happiest baby I’ve ever been around. She smiles and laughs all of the time. I’ve mentioned it before that she was born deaf in one ear. She does not have the cochlea or the cochlea nerve, so an implant will never be an option. She does have a super keen hearing on the other side; praise God!

Another thing she has been diagnosed with is something called Duane Syndrome. I went to the eye specialist with her yesterday at UCLA. Both problems are on the same side. She has great parents who are trying to figure out the best thing for her. Regardless, she is one precious and special baby, and I can’t get enough of her and her giggles!

It’s hard to think about pulling out the fall clothes when it’s still ninety degrees, but I am so ready at the end of August every year! This summer has been especially brutal, so I am ready to move on! How do you dress when the calendar says “pre” fall, but the temperatures still say summer? The best way for me is to start incorporating fall colors. We all know that wearing white jeans after Labor Day is acceptable. Adding a pumpkin color top is the perfect way to add a fall feel to the jeans. I got this pretty top with lace detail at Anthropologie. It’s lightweight enough for warm temperatures but gives an autumn vibe. Adding gold, brown, burgundy, and green in light fabrics is the best way to get that fall feeling even when it’s still super hot.

Today, my daughter and I are doing a little shopping and having a lunch date. We haven’t been together, just the two of us, in a while. It’s nice to have that one-on-one time. We have dinner tonight at the Polo Lounge, which is always so much fun.

Have the best day! Stay well, and be safe! xx

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