Monday Musings – Lost And Not Found

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Happy Monday, ladies. In 2001, an airline misplaced my suitcase during a particularly stressful time, and I have not checked a piece of luggage since. Until last Saturday. Because it was a non-stop flight, I decided to gamble and check my small roller bag. That gamble did not pay off.

mask hanging on luggage

After I’d checked my bag, and gone through security and immigration, the airline canceled my flight. They offered to put me on the same flight the following day, but I had to get home, so I booked myself on another airline. The new airline attempted to rescue my bag and get it on my flight, but that failed. Now the bag seems to be lost in space. My laptop and other important things were in my small handheld I did carry on, but this reminds me again, NEVER CHECK A BAG.

pug in stroller at beach

I don’t like to share too much personal info here, especially if it involves other family members, because the internet can be an unforgiving place. As you know, I was in Vancouver to dog sit my daughter’s little pug, who was aging with lots of mobility issues and every other sort of struggle. The upshot is that Honeypug crossed over the rainbow bridge three days before I flew home. I’m so grateful I was there to not only get lots of snuggles with Honeypug but also to support my daughter. As it turned out, my daughter had to do a fair amount of supporting me because I really loved that old girl.

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Living with a tiny wardrobe for three weeks has me rethinking how many clothes I need. Even with the limited number I had to choose from, I reached for the same few pieces over and over. That has me thinking about my style recipe and how often I purchase items outside of it.

As a fashion blogger, I try on a ton of clothes. It’s all too easy for me to fall for things that are not my style. When I add them to my wardrobe, they sit in my closet and are seldom worn. When I do try to wear them, they feel out of place, and I don’t feel like the best version of me.

I’m not the same woman I was two years ago, and I want my style to reflect who I am today. I want to zero in on how I can have my wardrobe reflect that change, so I’m going to start a series on simple ways to hone your style recipe. It’ll be for you and for me. I want to enter the fall season with a renewed understanding of exactly how I want to look going forward.

When we look good, we feel good, and that’s empowering.

Outfit of the week

This week’s outfit of the week is a transitional look for those of us who are looking forward to fall but living with hot temperatures. One of the best ways to do this is with color. This outfit is linen, linen blends, with lightweight woven mules and handbag in shades of camel and deep chocolate. The earrings and bracelet have an open feel to them that will span the seasons.



Has your taste and style been evolving?

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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