Monday Musings- What Happens At 60?

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Happy Monday, ladies. Today’s musings are a bit more random than usual. I did a bunch of deep diving down the Google rabbit hole this weekend and came up with some interesting things.

Eye exercises

I woke up on Wednesday to find that none of my many pairs of eyeglasses seemed clear for my right eye. They’ve just strengthened my prescription, but even my older lenses weren’t cutting it. I was probably just tired or having a bad dry eye moment, but it sent me down the Google rabbit hole, and I discovered eye exercises. Well, why not? You have to exercise everything else, so it made sense.

It turns out that eye exercises are pretty popular. Just as many websites dismiss the idea of eye exercises as promote them. I spent about an hour practicing some of the tests and discovered the best eye exercise that everyone agrees on is the 20-20-20 rule.

20-20-20 Rule

The 20-20-20 rule isn’t easy for me to remember, so I’m putting a post-it note on my laptop. After 20 minutes of reading or focusing on a task, look up and focus on something that’s 20 feet away. It helps prevent eye fatigue and keeps them from drying out.


I also went shopping for glasses this weekend and fell for these Parker Warby sunglasses. I have an eye appointment tomorrow to double-check my RX before I order any new glasses!

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Do you listen to podcasts? I love many but seldom find the time to listen, so I have to pick and choose. It turns out there are over 2 million podcast channels out there. I got curious about how many are directed at women over 50, and it turns out there are a lot! Since a growing majority of my audience is over 60, I decided to type that into Google and got a big surprise.

When I put podcasts for women over 60 into the search, the titles changed dramatically. Now, most of them include the word senior, elderly, or older women! Apparently, the switch to senior happens at 60, ladies; who knew?!  Just that morning, medicare sent me an email about choosing a nursing home. Ouch. I’ll be 66 next week, and I don’t expect to make it to 112, so I’m guessing midlife has left the station for me.
My math skills have failed me again, that’s 132 🙂

Black & White Capsule Travel Wardrobe

rolling rack of clothes for river boat cruise on A Well Styled Life

Last Monday, I shared this photo of my black and white capsule wardrobe that I took on our Riverboat Cruise back in 2019. This has generated more personal email questions than I’ve had in years! It was a perfect wardrove to travel with, and I still wear most of these pieces.

To be perfectly honest, some of my style mojo got tossed in an effort to wear the colors “I’m supposed to look best in.” I will leave that small bomb right there, to examine in more detail later.

Outfit of the week

This week, our OOTW is by request. A reader wrote to tell me her 3 style words were classic, contemporary, and strong. I love that her third word is a feeling because she knows when she feels it!

She explained that she loves a touch of leopard in her outfits and likes to wear strong colors. Black certainly makes a strong statement, so I created this week’s OOTW with her in mind. Of course, what matters is that it resonates with her because a personal-style recipe needs to feel authentic.


Sculptural heels are a popular look for fall, so these loafer mules fit the bill. Jenny Bird Jewelry always strikes a modern, contemporary cord. The cat-eye is a classic shape, and the outfit colors are strong. Leopard print is timeless for many women, and this reader loves it, so she will wear it no matter what the trend forecasters say.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident!



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