My New Favorite Piece Of Clothing And It’s Not Navy Blue, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:24am

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A few weeks back, in our conversation about color, I mentioned ordering this dress.

Elle est arrivée. (Details: I ordered a Medium, I could have gotten a Small. But I don’t mind the over-sized look.)

It took a long time to get here, as it turns out the company just started up, ships from China and has been more enthusiastically received than the founders predicted, but the brand was good about communicating via Instagram.

I now feel more fondness than I have for a piece of clothing in a very long time.

Tere’s a picture of the seaming at the bodice. Also the veins on my hands, but let’s just say that humans have their own versions of seams, those places where lengths of our being hold us together. Or if today is not a good time for poetic fancy, let’s say, pockets.

I love it so much I didn’t take it off for an entire day. Now it’s in the washing machine, on the delicate cycle, and then will go in the dryer at very low heat, so I can see what happens absent possible sizing chemicals. I will update this post. Promise you won’t lose sleep.

As we speak my only point of annoyance is that I can’t order it in more colors. They sell this in Claret, but I don’t do asymmetry, at least not on purpose.

Or I’d love a Marine Blue, Grae Cove? Asking for myself, and a couple thousand friends.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, as summer in the Northern Hemisphere fades at the margin of our days.

No affiliate links included. BTW, I know my comment function is almost completely broken. I swear to you all on navy blue that I will start the blog rehab project in September. Thank you for hanging around. You should always message me on Instagram or Twitter if you have a question. @amidprivilege, both places.

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