Personal Style: Dare to be you!

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dare to be you

Happy Wednesday!  Today, I am covering an important topic I believe needs addressing now…Personal Style: Dare to be you!

There are not enough new angles on news articles this week for me to share a full Today’s News post with you, and because we have been discussing our style the issue of courage in respect to style has come up.

There are some of you who need encouragement to dare to be you with personal style.

A wonderful woman sent an email after Sunday’s post to tell me she felt like a duck in a pond full of geese.

She said her style adjectives are selected to help her embrace style with lots of jewelry and boldness.

She loves her bold accessories so much.

However, she spends time with friends who wear more classic, minimal styles…smaller jewelry etc.

She feels like a “duck in a goose pond” and has considered changing her own style to be more like her friends. 

At the time she first contacted me, she was not going to include “bold” in her style adjectives…but she wanted to.

No matter our age, I believe all of us have gone through times of thinking we needed to conform to look like someone else, in order to gain acceptance.

For most of our lives, as women, we have gone through this…at all ages…the lunchroom at elementary school, the sorority in college, the hallways of a professional world…and now, for some, in retirement.

Even for me, there are times as a blogger that I compare myself to others and think that my differences are too great for blogging.  I will wonder, “Should I make changes to look like other bloggers my age?”

 It is so easy to fall into these traps.

Ultimately this will steal your joy.


dare to be you

After I posted this outfit on Facebook, a lady commented, “Lose the necklace.”

I very easily could’ve fallen into the trap and think, “OK, I will lose the necklace and not wear it with that outfit again.”  But I have come a long way, ladies.

I commented back, “Love the necklace!”

Because I do love it, and I think it looks awesome with the jacket.  It speaks my style adjectives and says I am uniquely me.  I do not want to look like the woman who commented or anyone else.  Just be the best me. 

The times I have been most confident in my life are when I dare to be me….no matter if that is different from anyone else in the room.

dare to be you

Here are important points to remember:

  1. Life is short…we are older…time has long passed to live it for other girls.
  2. Confidence and joy are big rewards of communicating our own style and being comfortable in your own skin.
  3. God has created a diverse, beautiful world. Nothing on this planet is designed to be the same.  Think of how boring life would be if all people were the same…all birds the same…all plants the same…all butterflies the same. We are all beautiful.
  4. Conformity leads to a despondency which can permeate your spirit and rob your joy. When you know that you have not dared to be you, it sinks deep inside.
  1. If you are hanging out with ladies who all dress the same and you dress like them because that is your unique style, then great. Congratulations! But if you dress like them to feel accepted by them…take a step back and rethink what you are doing.  Ultimately, that can lead to depression.
  2. Yes, for some this will take courage.


dare to be you

Daring to be you takes courage and consistency.

I submit to you that if you follow your style adjectives every day when you get dressed that they become such a part of who you are, that you always feel confident leaving the house.

You eventually don’t worry about standing out or being self-conscious.

Your look is part of who you are.  The people in your world accept who you are and what you are saying with your style choices.

You also begin to understand that people in your life love you for you and are not really thinking about if you look like them or not.

You will stand out with a bright smile and strong confidence from wearing your unique, individual style.

And everyone loves to be around that person.

 It really is empowering.

dare to be you

 I want to be clear that I am not advocating for all of us to be Iris Apfel. 

There are some of you who are more minimal, classic and neutral whose friends are more flamboyant, and you question if you should take more risks.

Whatever the scenario that makes you doubt… dare to be you!

When we select our five style adjectives and stick to them to build a unique personal powerful style, you will feel liberated because you dare to be you.

I am pleased to report that the reader who inspired today’s post put BOLD back in her style adjectives.

But she would love to know if anyone else has experienced the same feelings…even to the point of doubting your own style because it is not like their friends.

Please share if you have or if you have experienced overcoming these feelings.

One of the advantages of aging is wisdom and courage to put old scenarios behind us.  We no longer must worry about the “cool girl’s table.” 

Dare to be you.  Embrace it.  Rejoice in who you are created to be.

You are beautiful.

And that will help you to…..


Note:  Today’s News for Women Over 50 will return next Wednesday!

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dare to be you


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