Peter Park is FBoy Island Season 2’s Biggest Enigma

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The following story contains spoilers for HBO Max’s FBoy Island Season 2 through Episode 7, and a bit of amateur sleuthing.

At the end of FBoy Island Season 1, we really had one major question: how the hell could Season 2 possibly match—let alone top—that? Well, one easy way to make major drama and stir the pot in reality television is by bringing back familiar characters. And one of those familiar characters who returned right at the beginning of FBoy Island Season 2 was Peter Park. You may be wondering: Who is Peter Park? Why does he look so familiar?

Well, loyal FBoy Island viewers will certainly remember Peter from his role in the first season, when he featured prominently in the first episode, only to quickly burn out and be eliminated. He was forced to reveal his status as an FBoy—someone looking primarily to manipulate the three female leads and have the option, should he have been chosen, to take the entire $100,000 prize for himself—and instead spent the rest of the show in the uncomfortable fort of Limbro.

Well, surprise surprise: Peter is back for another go in FBoy Island Season 2. And this time, he claims, he’s a changed man. He’s learned from past experiences, and this time is here for love. And right from the start, he established a connection with Mia, one of Season 2’s new leads who had a crush on him—and claims to have followed his Instagram—after seeing him in Season 1. But is Peter really changed?

While he says he’s a changed man, other signs have indicated that maybe Mia should tread lightly. Through six episodes, Peter has already had numerous temper tantrums when Mia’s attention is elsewhere, and another returning Season 1 FBoy, Casey (who has been revealed as a Nice Guy in Season 2), said that in the last year Peter reached out and hit on a girl he was dating. So…what’s going on here? In his People mini-bio, the claim is that he’s looking for love “Peter returned to the show for another chance at finding someone who will be his Mary Jane (since he’s almost “Spider-Man“).” But we can’t be so sure.

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Is Peter Park an FBoy in FBoy Island Season 2?

At the end of Episode 6, there are no eliminations, but the remaining suitors on FBoy Island are all force to reveal their status: FBoy, or Nice Guy. Mia is already in a rough place after the realization that she’s eliminated far more Nice Guys than FBoys, and really starts reeling when the bombshell drops that Danny, one of her frontrunners from the start, is not the Nice Guy he seems to be, but an FBoy. The final person to reveal his status is Peter, and before we hear him say what he came to the island as for a second time, the episode cuts to black. Cliffhanger.

Episode 7 picks up right where we left off: Peter…Is…an….[DRAMATIC DRUM ROLL]……Still an FBoy. Sorry folks.

Except we were able to figure it out even before that ourselves, right? FBoy Island started with 13 Nice Guys and 13 FBoys, with a few added contestants for good measure along the way. While this could have thrown the ratio off, we still had to believe the overall pool would be pretty evenly split.

By the end of Episode 6, with 29 of the 30 men’s status revealed, there have been 15 Nice Guys…and 14 FBoys. Unless if FBoy Island was really going to play Loosey Goosey with its Season 2 ratio, our old friend Peter Park was always going to be an FBoy once again.

What is Peter Park’s Instagram and TikTok?

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If you want to see the Instagram account that won Peter a fan in Season 2 contestant Mia, you can check him out at @thekoreanpapi. He doesn’t post all that often, but when he does it’s usually a modeling shot or a gym shot. Oh, Peter.

Peter also advertises his TikTok account in his Instagram bio; he is quite active on there. His handle is the same: @thekoreanpapi.

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