Points Of Exploration, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:10am

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I wanted to expand a little on having Sue “do” my colors. (Are things like this ever “done?” No, no they are not. They are examined and explored.)

I had developed a core set of colors that look good on me. But how much navy and cognac can one woman wear? I wanted a better sense of which ordinal points would best guide me in going beyond dark blue. And I was making one very wrong assumption, now that kept landing me in lavender, all bilious and everything. I thought that looking good in blue meant I should wear cool colors, whereas in fact there are dozens of “navies” in this world and it’s the browned, muted tones that should guide me. No more pale lavender if mustard exists. Smoky lavender being quite all right.

To put it as though this blog were our office, and we needed trite motivational posters on the wall, The Best Consultant Doesn’t Give You The Answers, Just The Right Questions. (Have you all watched Severance?)

Anyway. I ordered this dress. $50, linen, might be garbage. But I wanted a summer dress with sleeves, for sweltering errands and dinners outside on warm evenings, and this seemed like a good test case. Worn with my Céline bag?

I considered this t-shirt,

but in the end am too wedded to a certain severity of appearance (that will disappear the moment I open my mouth.)

Now I’m looking for something olive. Maybe this.

The only piece of clothing I’ve put in the Goodwill pile so far is a J. Crew tweed pencil skirt. I’m in no rush, and I’m thoroughly enjoying new ideas.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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