Temperate Glimmers Of Hope, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:13am

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Note: If you were intrigued by the Grae Cove dress I posted about last week, I want to let you know they tell me they are getting a lot of orders and it’s now taking them about 10 days to ship out. Transit time is extra. That said, they’ve been responsive to my inquiries, so I am looking forward to showing you the dress when it arrives.

I’m wondering how you are feeling about the bill that’s on its way to President Biden’s desk. Officially named (in an example of political absurdity, the results of which in this case I do not object but still, please, come on) the Inflation Reduction Act, it’s almost universally referred to as “The Climate Change Bill.” Alternatively, the “Democrats’ Climate and Health Bill.”

Personally, I’m relieved. Exceedingly relieved.

It looks to be, to this layperson, very intelligently designed. Revenue is raised from unpaid taxes, and new taxes are levied on stock buybacks–which are one of the most effective tools for those who have a lot already to get even more. Ripe for taxation. Resources are allocated to incentives to create and purchase new technologies, an area where the US has traditionally excelled. And healthcare changes should benefit the least fortunate.

But economic impacts are tricky, slithering beasts that change shape when pressure is applied. Well, that’s an out-of-nowhere image, isn’t it. I mean to say, we don’t know and we can’t know now how this bill will actually play out in implementation. But I think we can be hopeful that the will to address our climate has finally hit a tipping point.

Have you felt a change where you live? Has it been scary or sad or enraging? None or all of the above?

Here in the SF Bay Area, as I’ve said before, we’re sensitive to the slightest changes in weather patterns, precisely because our climate used to be extraordinarily temperate and consistent. Rains started in earnest come November. They finished in early May. Summers rolled out days upon days in the mid-70s to mid-80s. We knew, in our bones, the difference between 74 degrees and 76.

The recent summers with several weeks of heat, over 90, even over 100, were therefore experienced like hurricanes and floods in other parts of the world. Trees fell. Wildfires up north turned our skies yellow. We lived with the sense of apocalypse. Or maybe that was just me.

So, I’m relieved. And wondering how you all are feeling, there wherever you live. Same planet, in any case.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Note: If you don’t like this bill, your comments are welcome, unless you dispute the science of climate change, in which case I will edit what you say. No disinformation, please. Two notes in one post! A record!

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