The Best Vibrators Will Help You Get a Buzz

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Good vibrations all around.

The Best Vibrators of 2022 LegShaking Orgasms for All

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It’s no surprise that the best vibrators are some of the most popular sex toys around. The power they bring to the table can turn a just-okay sex or masturbation session into a mindblowing one, and they’re often more, uh, “efficient” than using your hand (sort of like strokers for men).

The notion of doctors having invented vibrators so they could administer therapeutic orgasms more effectively might be an urban legend, but it’s certainly true that vibrators make pleasure a whole lot easier to attain for many people. They’ll tickle any and all of your erogenous zones, and it could be the boost your sex life has been craving.

Vibrators are one of the best sex toys for women, but men can also benefit from tingly sensations down there (or anywhere). Additionally, vibrators are highly helpful when dealing with sensitivity issues that make it hard for you to feel pleasure or reach orgasm, such as being on antidepressants, which can tamp down sensation. Sometimes, some focused vibration is exactly what you need to push you over the edge.

But not all vibrators are created equal. If you’re shopping for a vibrator for the first time, make sure to look for one made of body-safe materials (like silicone or ABS plastic), and then make sure that the vibrator you want has several  vibration settings to play with. You should also look for a toy that suits your purposes in terms of shape or function. For example, you’ll probably want to get a smaller vibrator if you intend to use it on your clitoris during penetrative sex, and a toy has to have a flared base to be considered anal-safe.

With all of that in mind, here are some of the best vibrators that offer everything you’ll want for down-there fun. 

The Best Beginners’ Vibrator

If you’ve never tried a vibrator and are not even sure if you’ll like vibration, an inexpensive and versatile toy like the Orchid G is a great way to find out. This toy is surprisingly strong for its price point, and has a dial instead of buttons, so you get more precise control over the vibration strength. Its shape makes it well-suited for rumbling against either the clit or the G-spot, among other pleasurable zones. This vibrator is not rechargeable and requires a pair of AA batteries for operation.

The Best Bullet Vibrator

We-Vibe Tango X

This small rechargeable vibrator works wonders whether used for solo play or with a partner. It has eight vibration speeds ranging from gentle to “WTF?!”-level strong, plus it’s waterproof so you can take it in the bath or shower for some relaxing “self-care” time. The whisper-quiet vibrations make it perfect for some discreet play, and its ergonomic design makes it just an overall pleasure to use.

The Best G-Spot Vibrator

Lelo Mona 2

Lelo’s Mona 2 is like a dildo on steroids. The contoured shape and upward curve of this vibrator help it make a beeline for your G-spot once it’s inserted. Naturally, its deep vibrations feel fantastic on that spot, but you can also mix things up and use this toy for clitoral stimulation when you want to. The Mona 2 has six vibration modes, and its length makes for some pleasurable internal stimulation.

The Best Wand Vibrator

Magic Wand Rechargeable

There’s a reason the Magic Wand is one of the world’s most famous vibrators—it really is that good. This newer rechargeable version has all the “oomph” of the original, plus two lower settings that’ll make it more agreeable for users who prefer gentler sensations. Try it alone or with a partner—just be prepared to get creative with positioning, ‘cause this thing is big. You can use the Magic Wand while it’s plugged into the charger, but it’s still good to use for some cordless action.

The Best Rabbit Vibrator

We-Vibe Nova 2

This is more than just a clitoral vibrator: With one external arm that hits the clit and one internal arm that targets G-spot stimulation, this innovative vibrator serves up a double whammy of sensation. The soft silicone arms have some flexibility to them, so you can even thrust the toy in and out and it won’t lose contact with your clit. The high-quality vibrator uses a USB-rechargeable battery, and it even comes with a sample of We-Vibe’s water-based lube for immediate fun straight out of the box.

The Best Couples’ Vibrator

Lovense Dolce

This type of vibrator is designed to be “worn” during penetrative sex, so you can have some hands-free fun. The wearable Dolce has one arm that slips inside against the G-spot and one that sits outside on the clit. There’s remote app control thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you cycle through an endless number of different vibrations and intensity levels. It stimulates both partners and may even facilitate the fabled simultaneous orgasm if you sync things up just right, or you can also use it solo.

The Best Vibrator for Penises

Fun Factory Manta

Fun Factory

This best-selling toy’s silicone “wings” wrap around your shaft, encircling it in sensation. You can hold it in one place (like on the super-sensitive frenulum) or move it around in whatever ways you want. Its powerful vibrations also feel phenomenal when paired with oral sex, and the pulsations will feel phenomenal.

The Best Vibrating Butt Plug

Lovense Hush 2

The app connectivity of this butt plug makes it ideal for long-distance pleasure. It also adds another dimension of intensity to sex or masturbation with its satisfyingly strong vibrations. The silicone head slides in easily, and an endless number of vibration patterns will make your body tingle.

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