What I wore and found while out and about

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what I wore

Happy Thursdays, friends!  This has been such a great week of conversations and today I want to show you what I wore and found while out and about!

In case you missed it in this post, you may not know that my entire closet and bathroom items are in my front living room!

We are in the middle of a sudden remodel in the master bath and bedroom…due to a broken P-trap.


What I wore

Both of these outfits are pieces I found when moving clothing around.

Though a remodel does require patience, I kind of like having my wardrobe in a larger space where I can see everything!

I will be a little sad when it is time to put it back in the closet.

I can even peer down on it from the second story and plan outfits!  It’s fun and I love seeing it.

All of these pieces have lived in my wardrobe for awhile, and that is the sign of successful shopping…when you keep and wear a garment often.

The top tunic is by Karen Kane, and the second leopard top is a Vince Camuto.

Here are current styles at Dillard’s from both of these lines…

Also, one of my style adjectives is CURRENT.  A way to stay current is to look at new collections hitting the stores, and often we can emulate them with items we already own.

Here are a few current styles you might enjoy:

That is what I wore this past week to go out and about…let’s see what I found on one of those trips.


what I wore

I found a place which was filled with women over 60 at the time I stopped by.

A place where they were obviously there to save money.  I enjoyed visiting with a few of them.

A place I have been in but never really “shopped.”  Now I am a fan.

What I wore

Leigh Ann kept encouraging me to shop Dollar Tree, but it was only this past week that I decided to check out everything there.

I discovered big savings on…

What I wore

Fall decorations….

What I wore

Hallmark Greeting Cards for $1.  In fact, I was able to find four of my grandchildren special cards for them to open at breakfast on the first day of school.

Including stickers…you know they love stickers.

I even picked up cards for encouragement during the first semester. 

You can see here that they already have Thanksgiving cards and Veteran’s Day on the racks.

What I wore

Gift bags!

I like to use a touch of calligraphy and write their names big across a bag like this one.

Other specific savings were on dog toys, poop bags, and other pet accessories.

There was a great aisle for teacher’s in need of supplies for their rooms!

The only place I decided to save for my favorite grocery was the food offerings.

Most of the pricing was not that great or comparable and stocked with brands I was not familiar. 

But, the Items above held considerable savings…this store is really a grandmother’s dream…especially since many grandmothers are on fixed incomes.

Inflation has resulted with the majority of us looking for ways to save money.  Now I will be shopping Dollar Tree to save in areas where I often spend more.

And, for me, it is nearby so there is no wasting of gas to drive for to a place to save money!!

Do you shop the dollar stores?  I know many of them have had to raise prices and are no longer pure dollar stores, but do you shop them any way?

Where do you believe you find the most savings?

Of course, you can always comment on the what I wore portion of the post. 

Also, I want to thank everyone who participated in yesterday’s conversation.  I believe it was encouraging and helpful to many.

This audience is simply the best!

Now I need to go peer over the banister and plan what to wear tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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What I wore

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