Adidas’s Samba Golf Shoe Looks Just as Good on the Street as It Does on the Course

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THERE’S SOMETHING addictive about the Adidas Samba silhouette. I have owned at least a half-dozen pairs in the time since I started buying sneakers, because they’re just too damn versatile not to have a fresh set in the all-seasons rotation. Even as my sneaker arsenal has grown—and just ask my future wife, it has indeed grown at an obnoxious rate—my other shoes fall victim to dust far more often when I’ve got the Sambas set out by the door. I can’t help but turn to them.

The Samba is a sneaker superhero in that even as it’s become ubiquitous, it hasn’t grown tired. And the latest crop from the brand with the three stripes is anything but: a quartet of soft-spiked Sambas made for the golf course, but that lend themselves just as effectively to a stroll down the street.


The limited-edition Samba golf (released on September 15) comes in four pastel colorways: halo blue, clear pink, pulse yellow, and crystal white. While the pink and yellow offerings scream to be the star of your fit, the subdued hues of extremely pale blue and not-quite-bright white will pair nicely with just about any causal look you can dream up.

adidas Special Edition Samba Spikeless Golf Shoes

Special Edition Samba Spikeless Golf Shoes

adidas Special Edition Samba Spikeless Golf Shoes

And if you don’t play golf, you won’t have to worry about grinding down the subtle studs on the bottom that help to grip grass. They won’t trip you up on the pavement, they’ll just look great beneath your wide-leg trousers and denim this fall.

This sneaker-“spike” lineup at Adidas is the latest in a long line of what’s become the go-to footwear choice among amateur golfers. It’s not that the days of rocking classically spiked derbys with leather side saddles are gone—there’s absolutely a time and place for that (like a round at a prestigious club with a potential employer, or future father-in-law). But more often than not these days, sartorially inclined golfers are reaching for their go-to sneakers, because most of them are now equipped with grip. (Adidas, for its part, has also gripped up the Stan Smith and the Superstar to great success.)

adidas samba golf shoe


This sneaker revolution in golf isn’t new. But it certainly persists, and we’re all better off for it. And Adidas, if you’re listening, let’s do the Sobakov next, yeah?

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