All the Guys Are Wearing White at the 2022 Emmy Awards

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I like to imagine that Andrew Garfield, Nicholas Braun, and Seth Rogen have a group text. Maybe it’s just the three of them. Maybe there are a few more dudes—Jamie Dornan, Jeremy Strong, and Jonah Hill?—chiming in from time to time. Maybe they started it up right before the 2022 Emmys, or maybe it’s been going for years. Regardless of the mechanics of this imagined chat, I choose to believe that earlier this month, one of them—let’s say Andrew, just for fun—dropped a picture of his fitting for a white tuxedo from Zegna in there.

“What you guys think?”

Naturally, Nicholas and Seth replied with polite affirmations. “Looks great, dude!” Then, as quick as their thumbs would carry them, they fired off notes to their respective stylists: “NEED WHITE TUX FOR EMMYS PLS THANK YOU HOPE UR GOOD.”

Trae Patton/NBC//Getty Images

Over the course of the next few days, Nicholas and Seth hunted down the very best white tuxes they could. Andrew fine-tuned the details of his own. Then, after a break long enough to establish plausible deniability—”Wait, you had a white tux? Really? Oh, yeah, now I remember!”—Seth dropped his own photo in the group chat.

Andrew may have bristled, but only privately. “Looks great, dude!”

Days later, Nicholas sent a similar shot from, his smile almost as luminescent as the white tux from Dior hugging his shoulders. Double thumbs-up from Andrew. A third and final round of, “Looks great, dude!” from Seth.

nicholas braun wearing a white dior tuxedo at the 2022 emmy awards

Trae Patton/NBC//Getty Images

This is, without a doubt, not how it all went down. But now that all three of these guys are on the red carpet—turning an all-white outfit at the 2022 Emmy Awards from a happening to a coincidence to a bonafide trend—maybe they’ll clock each other. Maybe they’ll give a quick, “Looks great, dude!” And maybe, just maybe, that group text will start up for real.

UPDATE: Turns out John Legend was in the group chat, too. Go figure.

john legend wearing white 2022 emmy awards

Frazer Harrison//Getty Images

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