Back in the kitchen

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Back in the kitchen

Happy Friday, ladies!  We have talked a lot of fashion this week, so join me as I go back in the kitchen!

Of course, I spend time during the summer in my kitchen, but there is something about September – December that beckons me back in the kitchen….with a smile!

I suppose I just love to cook fall and holiday fare.  I also love to cook the comfort food we find warm and cozy when the weather turns.

On Sunday, I will have my own stew recipe for you, but today…join me in a few small ways, as I go back in the kitchen.


Back in the kitchen

Right now, our Saturdays are built around one thing….college football….which we put on morning until late at night.

It is the perfect day for me to see the games as I go back in the kitchen, so I try to accomplish a lot during that day.

That is what I did last Saturday.  I began with my husband’s favorite blueberry concoction which I keep in the refrigerator in jars.

He eats this over his daily yogurt or with granola.

I put two large containers of fresh blueberries (after rinsing) into a pot on the stove with about a 1/4 cup of water.

Then, I sprinkle those with either lemon or orange zest and probably two tablespoons of local honey.

In fact, our favorite grocer HEB just introduced this new honey and I am looking forward to trying it soon.

back in the kitchen

It includes Huajillo and Mesquite to give it a smoky flavor.  YUM!

Back to the blueberries….I cook this until the water is boiling and then on the stove, I mash the blueberries and honey and lemon until most are mashed.

Then I cool it and place in jars for Mr. B….I like it too, but he is passionate about it!


back in the kitchen

The day before I noticed it was time to harvest my fresh basil, so I decided to make up Basil Pesto for keeping in the freezer.

Back in the kitchen, I place it in the little plastic containers you see above which are perfect sizes for use over a pasta dinner or pesto bruschetta.

I also keep in my refrigerator roasted garlic cloves and onion for use with just about anything.

I keep in the freezer roasted walnuts, so all of these were ready for use.

So, in a food processor, I put about

four roasted garlic cloves and a roasted onion at the bottom

Next, a half cup of roasted walnuts

Next, a 1/4 cup of fresh shredded parmesan cheese

Next, four cups of fresh basil

Over the basil, I sprinkle Himalayan salt, two dashes of cayenne, a teaspoon of lemon zest

Finally, I put about an 1/8 cup of olive oil over everything…then process!

I have three servings in the freezer now.


back in the kitchen

For my return back in the kitchen, I was recently sent a Blend Jet II to review.

I just want to say that if you love smoothies and easy use….you will love this little machine.

So much easier than dragging out the big blender.

back in the kitchen

They also sent these smoothie packets and Mr. B loves them…in fact he is using the Blend Jet II every day.

So, I guess I will need to get another one…love the leopard print…because he always has the blue one!

I like to mix coconut fat free Greek yogurt, cashew milk, and pineapple for a Pina Colada Smoothie.

The Blend Jet II is available:

Best Buy



Again, I will have a delicious recipe for you on Sunday….until then, here are some fun items for you to look over as you go back in the kitchen with me!

Check out the Flavors of Fall Cookbook or From Harvest to Home.

Does anyone else like to cook more this time of year and get back in the kitchen?  What are your favorite foods to cook as cooler weather comes around?

Please share…and make sure that you always ….


By Pamela Lutrell

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back in the kitchen

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