Black Adam Trailer Edited Post-Release to Remove Justice League Nod

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The Black Adam trailer has undergone some edits. A new television spot that aired on Sept. 22 has now been amended to remove a nod to Justice League.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who plays the titular character, tweeted the new trailer, writing: “Corrected. Long before the world of heroes and villains, #BlackAdam ruled it all. A god with zero mercy and power born from rage.”

“The #ManInBlack hits theaters worldwide… ONE MONTH FROM TODAY. OCTOBER 21,” he added.

The original trailer showed some heroes and villains from the DC Extended Universe that predate the existence of Black Adam, which fans did not take too kindly to.

As it is, fans are divided over which Justice League movie is the DCEU canon—the Zack Snyder version or the theatrical version directed by Joss Whedon.

So when the trailer opened with a shot of Steppenwolf from the theatrical cut of Justice League from 2017, fans weren’t happy. And it looks like the right people were listening because the changes have now been made to the TV spot by Warner Bros and that shot is nowhere to be seen.

The trailer seems to have removed the scene from Justice League entirely and instead added more shots from Black Adam.

DC Comics

The wrestler-turned-actor surprised audiences at the film’s test screenings back in September by showing up to gain feedback from them personally.

He documented his little adventure on Instagram, where he also teased that he always sneaks into test screenings to gauge audience reactions and takes all the feedback very seriously as the audience is his “#1 boss.” He also called the film his passion project.

“INVALUABLE learnings and takeaways from our BLACK ADAM test screenings that I always secretly participate in. I LOVE surprising our audiences afterwards and once the emotions level out. I can take my time and really engage and learn from my #1 boss – the audience,” he said.

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