Casual fall outfit for warm weather

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casual fall outfit

Happy Monday, friends!  Today, I am going to discuss how I put together this casual fall outfit for warm weather over the weekend.

I hope your weekend was fun…mine certainly was with the beginning of three grandchildren’s birthdays in a row.

The first party dictated a casual fall outfit for warm weather need.

So here is my thought process for putting this together…plus what I made for the party at the end.


casual fall outfit

The theme for my granddaughter’s sixth birthday party was the movie “Encanto.”

Everyone would be wearing lots of color and “Mexican-inspired” styles…pretty typical wear in San Antonio….for a casual fall outfit.

The challenge for the casual fall outfit was the heat.  It was an outdoor party in high humidity and temps in the upper 90s.

There would be lots of sweets and little children…so no need for one of my nicer outfits.

casual fall outfit

Often when composing a casual fall outfit for warm weather, I think of my kimonos which I keep in a drawer.

Almost all of my kimonos are colorful and when I saw this blue/green, I immediately envisioned it with the yellow sleeveless top.

These are my JJILL cargo pants from a few years ago, and they fit very similar to the High-Rise Cuffed Crops currently on sale there.

I own kimonos from all over the place and the ones I like the most have been purchased at small retailers or boutiques.

I like the way this one hangs…it is more flattering than most oversized kimonos.

I will say…for this party…this was a perfect fall casual outfit.  It worked and I did not get overheated at all.

Also, my gold sneakers kept me moving and helping…there was much to do.


fall casual outfit

Outside there was face painting…balloon shaping…pinata hitting…unicorn games…Encanto games…pizza…trampoline jumping…

I really wanted to get my face or arm painted…but, alas, the line was too long!


fall casual outfit

I was asked to bring Rice Krispie Treats….and it is just not in me to do typical ones.

While on the site with the veggie casserole, I saw a recipe for taking these up a notch.

I followed that recipe, put these little candy pumpkins on top (which Leigh Ann helped me find at Target), and they were a hit with all ages.

The recipe:  Rice Krispie Treats

fall casual outfit

But, I also wanted to try a recipe for Pumpkin Spice Fudge!

It was really good but really gooey…I saw a couple of dads go back for more…so I guess it did not matter that it was sticky.

I would like to figure out how to remedy that and have it a candy to eat without needing a fork.

It is very rich and sweet!


casual fall outfit

My granddaughter deemed this one a success…she said, “Gigi, you look very Encanto!”

She also told me my hair was Encanto too!  So I guess I have that look wherever I go!

It is the perfect time of year to buy kimonos…many are on sale….and they work great for a casual fall outfit for warm weather and creative fun.

For those who need that casual fall outfit for warm weather, here are a few kimonos currently on the market: (Note, I included the short robe, because I would so wear it as a kimono!)

I could not link this site with my affiliate program, but I want you to see this gorgeous kimono at KIM+ONO called Peony & Butterfly.

And for anyone interested in joining me with wearing gold metallic sneakers (that I love!)….here is a slideshow for you!

casual fall outfit

Living in San Antonio, we are constantly inspired by color wherever we go.

Thus, preparing for an Encanto party was pretty easy.

Thanks for joining me today for my granddaughter’s party and to hear about my casual fall outfit for warm weather.

Questions and comments, of course, are welcome!

See you tomorrow……..until then…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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casual fall outfit

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