Fall home decor represents more than adorning a house

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Fall home decor

Happy Friday!  Today I want to explain why fall home décor represents more than adorning a house to me.

When I work on my fall home décor early it is a welcomed change ushering in a coziness I love.

Recently, I walked into the local grocery and was encompassed by overwhelming aromas of cinnamon spice.

I actually paused, inhaled deeply, and experienced almost a euphoric moment of peace.

Upon looking around me, I discovered that I had arrived at the same time as a delivery truck dropping off boxes of cinnamon brooms, and they swept in a moment of hopeful expectation for me.

Why?  I pondered this question for a few days and here is what I surmise.



fall home decor

The grip of a brutal summer continues.  These images represent the dead plants and landscapes we have looked upon since early June.

fall home decor

My backyard began with so much color and hope, but soon the sun and drought won out and I ceased to fight it.  Now it is full of pots of dead plants. 

When mornings become cooler, I will deal with that problem.

fall home decor

For now, I can breathe in the aromas of cinnamon and pumpkin spice and slowly begin my fall home décor with all of its vibrant splendor and color not evident outside.

There is something comforting to me about this specific change.

As we age, dealing with change positively is a challenge and daily occurrence.

But when the change is going from excessive heat and dry landscape to vibrant colors, rich aromas, and a cozier home, then count me in.


fall home decor

This year, I am dealing with more change as I combat a desire to bring out the fall home décor with a home in chaos from construction work.

But, as you can see, I have decorated the family room…and Goodwill San Antonio trips assisted with adding a few new touches this year. The candlestick and the ceramic barn are Goodwill finds.  Lately I am into using candlesticks for more than just candles.

It’s a beautiful pumpkin perch!

fall home decor

I was inspired to do a different mantel in the family room with something I saw online and I am pleased with the results.  I am a huge lover of old books and use them in several places all year long.  I love to find vintage readers and stories.  This began with books from my grandmother’s East Texas farm that I held onto just because I loved books.

I appreciate them more and more as the years go on.


fall home decor

As the days shorten and cooler weather arrives, the word “cozy” becomes a personal mantra and gives purpose to my fall home décor.

It seeps into my everyday life from morning to night.  I think this is also a reason why I love lamps and candles…the soft light just says cozy.

In the warmer climate of South Texas, you must be purposeful to create a cozy atmosphere. 

fall home decor

Fall home décor becomes almost like staging a movie set just to experience these moments that enrich our home life and entice others to gather inside the space.

Fall home décor is refreshing in its own way…just as the blast of cinnamon brooms brought a moment of peace and hopeful change so does creating that at home.

fall home decor

As I was writing this post, I looked up to see refreshment on the way which is another reason I love the change of seasons…we often receive more rain after a summer of drought.

My goal this weekend is to completely change over the front porch décor.

But when you walk inside that door chaos remains.

I long for the time the construction will come to an end and I can bring fall home décor to the entire house…but for now, every little bit helps.

Because fall home decor is more than just decorating…it is a representation of good changes in the world where I live.


Fall home decor

One of the readers suggested I make last week’s SUNDAY MORNINGS AT HOME a regular feature.

I think I will do that for awhile, and this Sunday morning I will reflect on what I am pondering about the loss of courageous women this past week.

There are so many lessons to learn from others.

fall home decor

I will also be here tomorrow with Would You Wear It.

Now, today’s slideshow includes some fall decor and some new fall arrivals….I hope you enjoy it and please leave your thoughts on your own fall home decor and what it means to you.


By Pamela Lutrell

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fall home decor

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