Kanye West’s Big Scruffy Beard Honestly Looks Pretty Great

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Ye is having a big week, and doing it with some excellent facial hair. 

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Ye, the rapper born Kanye West, has pretty much always worn facial hair of some kind. Try finding a picture of the guy clean-shaven. It’s not easy, and a little uncanny when you do.

But Kanye is not identified with his beard in quite the same way as, say, Rick Ross, is—potentially because he has cycled through lots of beard styles in his two decades in the limelight. He paired a stubble beard with a mullet. A trim goatee and stripes up top. A somewhat-scruffier goatee with a rainbow dye job. There was the time he got his beard shaped up in the middle of a date with Julia Fox at Hollywood see-and-be seen hotspot Craig’s. It’s a rich tapestry. 

But we’ve maybe never seen Ye with as robust of a beard as the one he’s walking around with this week. The mogul has been making waves at New York Fashion Week—and announcing his intention to end his partnership with mall retailer Gap eight years early. Whether or not this makes business sense, you’ve got to admit the big beard looks rad. 

Gilbert Carrasquillo

What makes this work, if you ask us, is that the rest of his grooming is on point. The beard is certainly a little scruffy, but there’s a subtle taper into the cheek, and his head is freshly shaved.(There’s a similar thing going on with his outfit: and absolutely cooked and paint-splattered brown hoodie just looks a little more intentional under some shiny double-breasted designer suit, you know?) So here’s hoping he keeps it growing into James Harden territory

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