Popular Trends I Won’t Be Wearing This Fall

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I’ve often said that a touch of trend helps to keep us looking modern but wearing too many in one outfit looks like we’re trying too hard. The trends this fall are varied, so we have lots of options to choose from. I’ve learned never to say never about fashion because the longer I see a look, the more accustomed I become to it, and I’ve been known to change my mind. That said, here are a few popular trends I won’t be wearing this fall.

Vintage Inspired or Retro sneakers


I know they’re super popular and look chic on so many people, but they’re just not working for me. I ordered several pairs, and no matter how subtle the color combination, they felt clunky and too rugged for my style. To be perfectly honest, it feels like I’m trying too hard in these, so I plan to sit this trend out.

If I did wear them…see, I never rule things out totally; I would match the stripe or accent color to something in my outfit. That matching would appease my need for a touch of elegance in an outfit.

Wooden Clogs

Clogs have been on trend for a few seasons now, so I’ve been trying to work them into my look. I love the boost they give my height, but I haven’t found one that doesn’t make me fear for my ankles.


The Dansko clogs with a closed back seem to be an exception because your foot rocks in them which is actually comfy for my bunion. But are they really a trend? I wore this Dansko classic clog in various colors over 30 years ago when I stood on my feet working retail all day. They were life savers for my poor feet. This is an example of an old classic coming full circle and reemerging as a current trend.

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If I did wear them, I would consider this style which has a closed back. I would wear them with bootcut jean that covers the shoe and elongates the look of my leg. Hmm..this brown leopard is pretty intriguing.

Pullover Sweater Vests

I love the look of an open sweater vest, but the trend for pullover “grandpa” style vests is less than flattering on my silhouette.


I’m an inverted triangle, meaning my torso is wider and larger than my bottom half. A sweater vest like the one above adds bulk where I don’t need it. I could try styling them with flares or wide-leg pants, but it just feels too chunky for me.

If I did wear a pullover sweater vest, I’d wear a darker color that recedes with a lighter bottom that visually advances. I’d also choose a thin knit with drapey qualities and a very low V-neckline. I do like the button one below but would prefer ones without buttons and in a 3/4 length like this one, which isn’t in the same category, so it’s not on trend.


Slouchy Hobo Bags

Hobo bags are back in a big way this fall, and they’re softer and slouchier than ever. They’re great for a boho aesthetic, but I have enough trouble finding things in my handbag without compartments as it is.


I’ve always preferred a somewhat structured bag, so I will be sitting the hobo bag trend out. I’m actually not fond of the term for these bags. I remember all too well dressing up as a “hobo” for Halloween and using a burned cork to smudge my face.

This and many other hobo bags do have interior compartments, and more structure than the term implies.

Do You Need Trends?

With all this said, please know that you don’t have to add trends to your wardrobe to look stylish. In fact, some of the chicest people I see, don’t wear trends. They stay true to their style recipe with small tweaks that helps to keep their look from getting stale. How you style your clothes is often more important than what you wear, so keep your eyes open for new ideas.

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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