September 1 musings on style and skincare

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style and skincare

You know I am excited…it is September 1, and I declare summer done around my house!  Today, I am writing September 1 musings on style and skincare.

It really has been so helpful to hear from you on the surveys from this post.

I hope to steadily address many of the issues you voiced needs or thoughts on

Today, I would like my September 1 musings to be about style and skincare.

So let’s get this going……


style and skincare

Of course, when I get dressed ….even in a very casual look like today….I always keep my style adjectives in mind.

This Talbot’s field jacket is a great way to demonstrate how the adjectives can work for different styles.

First of all, a reader commented about my choice of using five adjectives to shape a personal style. 

Of course, use as many as you like, but in this post I explained why five: BREAK OUT OF A STYLE RUT IN RETIREMENT.

Also, if you missed PERSONAL STYLE: DARE TO BE YOU!, then you may find it helpful as well.

OK, back to the jacket. The link I provided is Talbot’s most current field jacket in three colors and this still applys.

Remember personal style is all about deciding what we want to communicate to others about us with our clothing.

First impressions form in 3 seconds.  You immediately formed an impression of me in wrinkled, comfy pants…right?

It makes for a good illustration….no matter what we wear, it says something.

style and skincare

This jacket would speak several different adjectives.  For me it speaks polish and adds a touch of polish to my casual life.

It can also tell others you are adventurous, strong, relaxed, simple, or even fun.  By adding one of these adjectives with four more that are unique to you, a uniquely you style is born.

For my “creative” adjective, I might include one of my fun scarves or necklaces…as soon as I find them…or wear the jacket with a fun print.

But, I am loving this new affordable knit top in a lovely color called Rifle Green I recently purchased at JCP.  This is the St. John’s Bay V Neck long sleeve tee.

It comes in 18 colors and until the end of today is only $9.59 with the code SUMMER22.  It is excellent quality and super comfy.

I hope you can see these different messages in this jacket and how it might work for different women who have adjectives different from mine.

One reader told me that she wants to say, “I don’t take myself too seriously.”  This jacket can also say that.

It makes such a difference and will save you time and money if you always ask when trying a garment on…What does this say about me?  What am I telling people I meet about me?

Just so you know, I put on my fun Chico’s Convertible Ankle Pants wrinkled for this post….I do not wear them this way out and about!  Not what I want to say.

But, when they are just out of the dryer….fluffed or touched up with an iron if. you wish, I still love them as I showed you in this post.


style and skincare

My September 1 musings on skincare come from the recent audience surveys.

So many of you expressed that later in life your skin has become drier.

About four years ago, I felt the same way.  That is when I was introduced to GENUCEL.

These products are all natural, plant based, created with plant stem cells…and you see immediate results.

I have used the products twice a day, every day for the last four years and my skin NEVER feels dry.

This is why I rarely promote other skincare brands unless I have tested them myself…

GENUCEL (also known as Chamonix) is so good that I feel like it is not necessary for me to do that.

style and skincare

I use the serum only in the mornings…it is magic.  If I exfoliate, then I also use the serum right after.

I have been so pleased with my skin since adding Genucel to my beauty family…and love it when someone says, “NO, are you really 69?”

My skin drinks it up and hasn’t been dry in the past four years. 

I always feel like I am worth Genucel and I am doing something good for my skin.

I hope this will help those of you expressing issues with dry skin…it works.

Before, we go, let’s look over a few garments just hitting the new arrivals...have fun with another fall slideshow: 

(NOTE FOR PAULETTE…BROWN WIDE LEG PANTS HERE). just click on a picture and it takes you to that brand!

Thank you for joining me today for my September 1 musings on style and skincare…please share any thoughts…and make sure that you always….



By Pamela Lutrell

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