She-Hulk Featured Man-Bull, a Minor Daredevil Villain, in Episode 7

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So far, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is 2022’s show with the most cameos and probably the clearest connection to the next phase of the MCU (aside from the ripple Ms. Marvel’s surprising finale). Bruce Banner showed up for the first few episodes before zooming away in a spaceship. We got The Incredible Hulk’s Abomination to pop in for Jen’s first case as She-Hulk. And in case you missed it, we also had a not-so-subtle shoutout to Daredevil, who looks like he’ll be sporting a new suit in his upcoming reintroduction to the MCU.

Episode 7 also has unexpected characters from Marvel Comics history, although they may not have caught your attention in the same way that say, an Avenger or known major supervillain would have. The episode starts right where we left off in Episode 6, with Jen meeting Josh, a perfectly nice guy at her old friend’s wedding (the bride was played by comedic darling Patti Harrison). We finally get to see Jen go on dates with someone who likes her as Jen, not She-Hulk. Unfortunately, Jen attempting a normal dating life means she also has to contend with the trials that come with dating normal people; she gets ghosted.

Eventually, Jen ends up at the Abomination’s wellness retreat (well, he just goes by Emil Blonksy now). There, she searches for cell service to see if Josh has texted her back. But she soon has bigger problems, as a guy named Man-Bull headbutts her car. She spends the day with him, along with El Aguila, Saracen, and a couple other Marvel characters you may not have heard of. In case you’re scratching your head wondering who Jen hung out with throughout Episode 7, “The Retreat,” here’s what you should know.

Who Is Man-Bull in She-Hulk?

In the Marvel Comics, Man-Bull’s given name is William Taurens (that’s probably an intentional play on Taurus and bulls). A high-school dropout from Camden, New Jersey, Taurens was a professional criminal who worked for a man named the Professor. He first appeared in 1971’s Daredevil #78.

When Taurens is tasked with kidnapping a couple, his plans are thwarted by Daredevil. Taurens then becomes a test subject for the Professor, receiving an injection of mutated bull genes to become Man-Bull. The experiment gives him increased strength, well, because he has the power of a bull. He often blames Daredevil for his transformation, as the failed kidnapping is the reason Taurens was forced to undergo the bull experiment. In the comics, Taurens is able to turn into Man-Bull and revert back to his human form, although we didn’t see this transformation on She-Hulk.

Man-Bull in his first appearance in Daredevil #78.

Marvel Comics

Since his introduction into the comics, Man-Bull has faced off against Avengers like Iron Man, Black Widow, and Spider-Woman. He also once came to Bruce Banner for help when he struggled to turn back into his human form.

Man-Bull’s appearance could be a wink at the audience toward the forthcoming Daredevil appearance. We’ve already seen the character’s iconic red and yellow suit appear in the show, so it’s possible Man-Bull made his way to the Abomination’s retreat after a bout with the horned superhero and is yet another breadcrumb leading to the Man Without Fear’s apperances in Echo and Daredevil: Born Again. Or the writers simply wanted to dredge up long forgotten characters in the vast Marvel Universe they have to pull from.

Nathan Hurd plays Man-Bull in She-Hulk.

Nathan Hurd plays Man-Bull in Episode 7 of She-Hulk, but this isn’t the first Marvel show he’s appeared in. According to IMdB, Hurd also appeared in four episodes of Legion, the non-MCU show about the mutant son of Charles Xavier (which we ranked sixth on our definitive ranking of Marvel television shows).

Recently, Hurd has appeared in the comedies Abbott Elementary and This Fool, each for a one episode appearance. There’s no telling if we’ll see him again in She-Hulk, but we had a glorious 30 minutes watching his bromance with El Aguila.

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