Therabody Releases New Line of Upgraded Recovery Devices

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IT’S SAFE to say we are in the golden age of recovery tech. In the not-so-distant-past, you’d have to book a costly massage therapy session or to visit a gym to use a state-of-the-art piece of equipment. Now, you can just reach into your gym bag and pull out a massage gun. Chances are, your device will be a Theragun, made by Therabody.

Now, the brand is expanding its slate of personal recovery devices by bringing new, updated devices into the world. This morning Therabody released two new iterations of its popular percussion therapy guns—the Theragun Pro and Theragun Mini—as well as other new gear, including a new device called Smart Goggles.

The Theragun Pro, is the newest edition to the company’s premier product line. The gen five massage gun is 20 percent quieter than its previous model, and thankfully adds USB-C fast charging to its design so you’re not forced to use an awkward secondary station like previous editions. If you struggle to know what to do once you have your device buzzing, never fear; you can now opt to follow four pre-programmed self-massage routines directly on the device’s OLED screen (and, of course, more with the connected Therabody app).

theragun Theragun PRO

theragun Theragun PRO

For those interested in Theragun mini 2.0, the newly redesigned model will help to settle your internal unease about whether you have enough space for your massage gun in your carry-on bag or your gym kit. The TSA-approved device clocks in at just 1 pound and features a design that’s 20 percent smaller than the previous gen, so it’ll transport smoother than ever when going out of town. With this new design, it’s much easier to relieve your tight muscles to relax on the go.

And if you’re curious about the SmartGoggles, you’ll find they’re an admirable addition to the line of Therabody’s unique recovery products. (The LA-based brand also recently launched the TheraCup, a muscle cupping therapy device, and the RecoveryTherm, a vibrating hot and cold pack that helps combat core and back soreness.) The SmartGoggles work best as a de-stressor, although they’re also designed to help wearers fall asleep and to improve focus throughout the day. The eye mask helps all these areas by using a targeted vibration technology that responds to your heart rate, as well as through a sound therapy experience that can be controlled via the Therabody app.



Credit: Therabody

The verdict is still out on how useful the SmartGoggles will be, since tracking our levels of sleep quality and stress needs an extended period of time to be graphed. Even if it’s not a complete hit, however, you have to respect the brand’s dedication to trying new things.

Right now you can shop the Theragun Pro and SmartGoggles over at Therabody’s website. As for the Mini 2.0, the release date has not officially been announced but we’ve been told it will be released any second now. We have reason to believe this is true because the brand also just discounted it’s 4th Generation Theragun mini, so if you’re looking to get a top-reviewed piece of tech you can do so now for the low.

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