Tomorrow I can really Welcome October!

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Welcome October!

Happy Friday, friends!  October has always been one of my favorite months, but this year I will be yelling WELCOME OCTOBER!

I went off the grid on Tuesday, and I want thank all of the sweet ones who sent emails to check on me.

Honestly, September has been a very tough month for my family and I am happy to wave goodbye to it.

This month we faced serious medical events with my oldest grandson, Mr. B, and this week with me!

Monday morning, I felt great and was out tackling the day, but in the afternoon was hit hard with a wave of nausea and throwing up that went from 2 PM through Tuesday.

Mr. B took me to the emergency room Monday night because I was dehydrated and my stomach would not settle.

In the emergency room, I completely passed out cold.


Since Monday, the phrase I have heard the most is “because you are over 65” we are required to do certain things and hold on to you.

Believe me, I am more aware now than ever before that I am over 65!

But, I do want to thank the excellent staff, especially the nurses at Sonterra Methodist Hospital for great care through last night.

I am sending a big shout out to Claire and Ramona…they are great nurses.

After many tests, I was diagnosed with a severe stomach virus, but could not go home until I kept down solid food, had better blood tests, and received many bags of fluids.

Full disclosure:  I wrote the Ross post as I was getting sick and it was not one of my best.  Thanks for the great participation with it, but I promise not to write when feeling bad in the future.

I will be here tomorrow to Welcome October full on with Jennifer on Would You Wear It?

Yes, it has been a difficult September, but nothing like what Florida and other states are experiencing.  They need our prayers and support.

I will see you tomorrow ready to begin my favorite month in style and promise to……………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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Welcome October!

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