Affordable designer styles at Target

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affordable designer styles

Happy Friday, friends!  Let’s make it a Fall Fashion Friday and shop affordable designer styles at Target.

I was needing a dose of creativity, fun, artisan fashion and immediately thought of the affordable designer styles at Target.

They were the first to discover top fashion designers who would create collections for those of us in the real world!

I will confess that the styles are really for younger, bolder women…but I found a few things I would wear now!

The jacket at the top is by Kika Vargas for Target….most of her affordable designer styles are available for Misses and Plus Size women.

This is the Women’s Mum Floral Quilted Jacket in XL.  The print is very pretty.


affordable designer styles

One of the reason I like to try on the affordable designer styles is because they are different and a touch more creative.

However, many of these have matching pieces and with those it was too much for me.

Like this Women’s Side Stripe Turtleneck Sweater designed by La Ligne.

It is available to wear with the Women’s Side Stripe Sweater pants, I would just prefer it separate.

affordable designer styles

The only other affordable designer style I was drawn to was this, but hold on, it is not pajamas.

It is designed to look like pajamas, but it is the Women’s Floral Button Front Blouse and the Women’s Floral Wide-Leg Trousers.

affordable designer styles

I could see it worn as a topper over this V Neck Universal Thread tee.  Only $8!

But do that think I am bold enough to go out in a complete outfit that looks like PJS.

What about you?  Forget the colors, what about the design….would you wear it?

affordable designer styles

I also thought this Metallic Puffer Tote Bag was fun.

Here are a few more affordable designer styles that I believe would work for women of any age:


affordable designer styles

I can always find fun pieces in Target’s every day designer styles which are even more affordable.

Knox Rose is a youthful, stylish line.  

This Women’s Open Front Cardigan is super soft…fun…and on sale through tomorrow.

affordable designer styles

Also, on sale through tomorrow for just $28 is this fun Women’s Turtleneck Sweater.

It is very soft and comfy.

I noticed that many of the affordable designer styles currently have dropped shoulders.

I prefer different, but do not mind it for casual styles.

affordable designer styles

Also from Knox Rose is this cute Women’s Crewneck Sweater ….also on sale at $24 through Saturday.

All of these are soft and warm.

affordable designer styles

I have showed you many affordable designer styles from the Universal Threads collections.

This is another one of those items I cannot locate online…maybe just offered in store.  

But It is a soft Sherpa top, and here is one similar in the same collection…The Women’s Long Sleeve Lightweight Sherpa Henley Shirt.

affordable designer styles

Finally, I showed you over the summer a couple of the New Day oversized blazers I purchased and enjoyed.

Here is a fall version in houndstooth (there are other versions at this link as well): New Day Women’s Oversized Blazer.

You also may want to check out TARGET’S 2022 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS….they will be featuring different specials every Friday from now through the holidays.

Any comments on the affordable designer styles at Target?  Have you shopped the feature designers at Target before?  Always love to hear from you…and remember tomorrow is WOULD YOU WEAR IT day!


By Pamela Lutrell

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affordable designer styles

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