Amazon’s Bestselling Robot Vacuum-Mop Is On Sale For Over $500 Off Right Now

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IF YOU hate dusty floors as much as you hate sweeping and mopping them, listen up. I’ve got the most amazing deal you can’t miss. Today, you can grab a robot vacuum on sale on Amazon for 77 percent off of its original price—not joking. That means you can snag a $700 vacuum for less than $200 right now. Yah, they literally dropped a deal of over $500 off.

MAMNV Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

MAMNV Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Now 77% Off

The MAMNV robot vacuum and mop combo can remove dust, scraps, and other small debris off of carpets and hardwood floors, like ceramic tiles or granite. Once it’s all swept up, the robot can then go in and wet mop your floor to make sure it’s squeaky clean.

For more precise cleaning, you can also toggle between two cleaning intensity levels and adjust for the type of floor it’s sweeping or mopping. Don’t worry about it falling off of your stairs or anything. Its smart sensors help it to avoid obstacles like stairs, walls, or furniture corners.

The vacuum’s battery life allows it to go for an hour and 40 minutes before it needs to charge again, but when it’s finished cleaning or low on juice it’ll automatically head back to its charging station to refuel, so you can press the button to start it and then leave your home or even just go to sleep. The best part? This robot vacuum can totally fit into your smart home. The cleaning appliance connects to an app that allows you to set a cleaning schedule or connect the vacuum to Alexa or Google Assistant. Then, you can start or stop it using voice commands.

If you do prefer a more hands-on approach, though, the vacuum also comes with a remote control you can use to get it going. If all of this sounds like it’ll make your life a lot easier, you’re not wrong. But, you need to shop this deal before it’s all gone. It’s not everyday you can save $500 on a $700 item.

Grab the robot vacuum on Amazon right now for just $161.

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