Backyard Engagement Brunch – San Antonio Style!

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backyard engagement brunch

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Yesterday, I shared the exciting engagement in our family and today is the backyard engagement brunch with San Antonio style!

Both families have been waiting on this exciting event for a long time.

The parents of our future daughter-in-law were ready with a celebration so both families could meet at a backyard engagement brunch.

So, here are some of the fun details I thought you might like to see.


backyard engagement brunch

My son told me over the summer that the engagement would happen this year and I had just seen this Short Border Kimono at Chico’s.

So I bought it and tucked it away ….not to be worn until the blessed event occurred.

I really picked it out for the proposal  – the moment when we greet them, but I believed it would also work for the backyard engagement brunch.

My entire outfit was from Chico’s.  The kimono is sold out, but the Beaded Polished Tank is on sale for $24.99.

It is a great tank.  I also purchased it before I lost some weight, so I could go a size smaller now.

That is also the case with the So Slimming Girlfriend Jeans in Cocoa Bean…they now are getting baggy…I am excited to lose weight, but will miss the original fit of these pants.

I found the Chico’s necklace on clearance over the summer.

I felt very confident in this for a backyard engagement brunch.

Here are a few more statement pieces currently at Chico’s:

Many of the ladies, including our hostess, looked lovely in traditional Mexican artisan tunics.

It was warm enough for this backyard engagement brunch to wear dresses and I saw lovely ones.


backyard engagement brunch

The happy couple were excited for the families to meet and celebrate at the backyard engagement brunch.

The theme was a beautiful combination of San Antonio, Mexico, Tex-Mex….artistic style!

backyard engagement brunch

One of the area’s top chefs catered a beautiful chalupa/taco brunch….not to leave out, delicious.

Every time I turned around, my oldest grandson (9) was eating large helpings of the fresh mango and it was good.

backyard engagement brunch

The harpist was incredible.  I wish I had been able to sit before him and listen longer.

But we had new family and friends to meet. 

Backyard engagement brunch

Of course, all six of our grandchildren were flipping out over the Mexican candy truck.

They were very much on a sugar high… and having a wonderful time.


backyard engagement brunch

This backyard engagement brunch was in the middle of October so the future in-laws home was beautifully decorated for fall.

backyard engagement brunch

Her father is an incredible talent with home decor, landscaping, and vision!

He built his little daughter a two story log cabin with running water and a working fireplace.

It is so cool…I would live there!  And my grandchildren went nuts over it.  They played hard the entire event.

The home was lovely and gardens made to attract butterflies, which migrate to San Antonio this time of year.

They were everywhere and such a nice touch in the backyard.


Backyard Engagement Brunch

I am a proud mama and Gigi.

Here is the future bride and groom with all six grandchildren…who loved the stir sticks with the names on them.

backyard engagement brunch

These are my three children….wow, time goes by so quickly.

backyard engagement brunch

Add into the mix our son-in-law and daughter-in-law and this is what you get.  

The grandchildren are so excited about the wedding and I love it.  They wanted to be here and be a part of it all.

More fun ahead!

I want to thank her mom and dad for throwing such a lovely backyard engagement brunch for the families.  

A good time was had by all!

Thanks for joining with me today to share this milestone in our family and the backyard engagement brunch…perhaps you found some Inspiration and ideas here for a future party.

Now, join me and the rest of my family as we……………………………………………………………………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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Backyard engagement brunch

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