Brown Pants, Brown Shoes, And More Than One Top, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:36am

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I did some shopping in September. That’s a photo I took recently to text to a friend. Feet up! I’d asked her about brown thick-soled lace-ups that weren’t boots like my Timberlands, and she said “Grensons” and I listened. Just had to show her the results.

Backing up. As I’m sure you remember, in July I took advantage of my friend Sue’s color analysis services pre-launch and found out my skin is well-suited by warm, dusty tones. AKA Autumn colors. (I don’t say I “am” an Autumn, because I believe I can also wear cool dusty tones, but let’s just say the door has opened wider to browns, tans, wheat, olive, and mustard.)

So I wanted a pair of brown pants. Although the dusty mirror above makes my legs look a haunted, I’m just wearing Eileen Fisher ponte lantern pants, also brown. The combination makes me happy. So I’ve worn it with several tops. Here are some of them.

First, sweater by Patsport, AKA my son. Ivory with forest green lettering, “STALWART.” (The vibrant purple BLACK LOTUS tank is my favorite of the items now available on his site.)

Recently, with marine blue tee from Vince, necklace by Wendy Brandes. Pearls and lug soles forever.

Also, a dusty pink Eileen Fisher tank from the summer (no link), wheat-colored Société Anonyme cropped corduroy jacket from a while back.

And finally, an olive American Eagle sweatshirt with a kind of cut-out (embellishment? detail?) at the shoulder. (No link available. It seems to have vanished into a haze of young woman faerie dust.) I am proud of at least experimenting with a younger brand. No truly original personal style can be achieved without making a fool of yourself every once in a while. (Speaking of which, that thingie on the floor is not my underwear, it is my glasses-cleaning rag. There are limits, even to foolishness.)

So these are my “loose pants” looks and I’m giving them a workout. While I can’t give up jeans altogether, we have too much history, me and denim, I can’t base a wardrobe on them any more. Too much structure. Add the “going-out” dresses I’ve collected over the years, and all the “staying-in” sweatpants that don’t cost $ 200, plus bathing suits and exercise/hiking gear, and I’m done. It took almost ten years, but I finally figured out how to dress in retirement.

Until, of course, the next stage of life, which I cannot predict and therefore cannot buy clothes for. Funny, that.

One more thing. Sue has now formally begun taking in-person color analysis clients. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend you give her service a whirl. Very satisfying.

Have a very good weekend, my friends.

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