Elsa Bloodstone Is a New Kind of Marvel Hero in Werewolf By Night

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Comics are synonymous with superheroes, but even Marvel has more than flying men in capes in their repertoire. Werewolf By Night, Marvel’s new Halloween special, introduces audiences to another section of Marvel’s vast catalog. Besides Captain America, Iron Man, and the other magical and scientifically impossible people we all know and love, Marvel also boasts a cast of characters and creatures rooted in classic horror and science fiction stories like werewolves, Dracula and even Frankenstein’s monster.

Werewolf By Night follows a secret society of monster hunters who dedicate their lives to stopping the creatures that go bump in the night. When the leader of the group dies, the group holds a deadly event to decide who should take the reins, and gain the power of the Bloodstone, a powerful artifact.

Our main protagonist is Elsa Bloodstone, the daughter of the now deceased head of the group, Ulysses Bloodstone. Estranged from her father, Elsa returns for what she believes is rightfully hers–the Bloodstone–but she has to get through a determined group of monster-hunters first, plus the plant creature Man-Thing. In a way, she’s Marvel’s very own Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Elsa Bloodstone’s various adventures haven’t been adapted before, and honestly, it’s a long time coming. If you’re suffering from some Marvel television and film burnout, Werewolf By Night (plus its relevant comics) are the perfect way to get back into the Marvel Universe without crossing too many paths with the superhero teams you’ve already heard of.

Ulysses Bloodstone started as a caveman.

The man who would one day become famed monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone was first a hunter of a pre-historic tribe. A powerful otherworldly being named Syn came to Earth one day and met Ulysses. Syn killed Ulysses’ tribe using a Bloodgem, which Ulysses then jumped on top of to stop it from exploding. The gem still exploded, but a fragment of it became embedded into Ulysses’ chest, granting him immortality, telekinesis, fighting skills and more. With his newfound abilities, Ulysses spent his days seeking revenge for Syn’s actions. In his search for Syn, he battled vampires (like the Dracula), werewolves, and all sorts of horrors. He also founded his own monster hunting team in the 1950s.

Ulysses Bloodstone in Marvel Presents #1 (1975).

Marvel Comics

Ulysses does eventually manage to defeat Syn and his allies, but shattered his embedded bloodgem in the process, killing himself. He left everything to his wife, Elsie, and his daughter, Elsa.

Elsa Bloodstone Then Became a Monster-Hunter.

After her estranged father’s death, Elsa and her mother moved into Ulysses’ home, according to Marvel. With help from Frankenstein’s monster (he goes by the name Adam), Elsa gained access to her father’s extensive weaponry and notes on just about every monster he ever encountered. She also inherited a Bloodstone choker, which had a fragment of the bloodgem her father once owned. Thus, her monster hunting work began.

In her travels, Elsa still runs into some of the caped crusaders from Marvel’s better known series, like Jessica Jones, Deadpool and Wolverine. But she’s no minor character; Elsa has held her own against an evil Scarlett Witch and was once a member of the magical superteam Midnight Sons (the roster has also included Ghost Rider, Morbius and Moon Knight).

elsa bloodstone marvel comics

Elsa Bloodstone in Wolverine (Vol. 2) #314.

Marvel Comics

What are the Bloodstone’s powers?

Like her father, Elsa’s connection to her bloodgem grants her superhuman abilities and regenerative powers. Along with her choker, she’s also equipped with various weapons such as guns, vampire-hunting tools, and a magical lamp capable of teleporting her to places of trouble. Also fun fact: her blood can cure vampires.

In Werewolf By Night, Elsa is played by Laura Donnelly. The Irish actress hasn’t appeared in Marvel before, but she recently starred in the HBO Max fantasy series The Nevers. She’s also appeared in Outlander and The Fall.

There’s no word yet on if Elsa Bloodstone or any of the other characters from Werewolf at Night will reappear on screen. The Halloween special is standalone, and as Elsa has no major connection to the greater MCU, it’s up to Marvel to decide when we see her awesome monster fighting skills again. Fingers crossed we won’t have to wait until next Halloween.

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