Fall outfit for warmer climates

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fall outfit

Happy Fall Fashion Friday!  Today, I have another fall outfit for warmer climates.

Yes, the mornings are cooler, but it warms up quickly in South Texas so I am styling a fall outfit for warmer climates on a daily basis.

You can actually see Leigh Ann’s reflection in the door of this photo right before we headed out one day this week….always close by!

Fall is all around us, but the 90s are still a reality in our world. You can tell Leigh Ann is wearing a short sleeve tee with her jeans.


fall outfit

I am in love with my creamy off-white garments.

It is so nice to finally know the ivory creams are my wheelhouse and I no longer have to battle trying to look good in white-white.

This ivory Montauk field jacket purchase in the spring from Talbot’s was a good decision…I wear this lightweight jacket often now. There are still a few available in clearance in other colors.

Living in a warmer climate, it is often that an outerwear garment in spring and summer collections will work for a fall outfit. 

That is why I often shop sales way into the fall season.  Plus this one has long sleeves if needed.

My So Slimming Girlfriend Jeans in Cocoa Bean were a recent purchase at Chico’s….with my new Rewards savings.

I had wanted this color of jean since my colors changed to autumn, and they are very soft and lightweight.  

I am so glad I have them for our warmer climate during fall. 

My fall outfit for warmer climates is further popped with a lovely exquisite teal knit tee.


Pay attention, ladies, these St. John’s Bay Women V Neck Long Sleeve Tee shirts are great and an amazing price.

They come in 18 colors…and I purchased several colors in the last sale, but now through Sunday, you can get them for $8.39 with the code MYPEOPLE.

I really like this tee…fits well..great fabric weight…and the colors are lovely.  You might want to pick up a couple during this sale!  And there are colors for all palettes in this top….including Black & White.

My accessories for my fall outfit are ones I cannot link to…but I really like adding the burnt orange beaded necklace and leopard flat to complete the look.

Here are more fall items in the JCP SALE:

fall outfit

Now, you know where Leigh Ann and I were headed and will have more next week for you from this shopping trip to JJILL.

Another great thing about the JC Penney tops is they look very nice if in a warmer climate you want to lose the third piece!


fall outfit

I noticed last year at this time when we visited the pumpkin patch that I was wearing a linen jacket over a short sleeved tee.

So, perhaps this year, our warmer climate is a little cooler…in some small way! 


fall outfit

After four days in the hospital last week,  I ran straight in the house to do two things…shower and use Genucel XV on a face that needed care.

I use Genucel twice a day and by the end of the week, after dehydration, my skin was screaming for it.

It is still my favorite to bring my skincare to life!

Thank you for joining me today for my fall outfit for warmer climates edition of Fall Fashion Friday!  Of course I am here for any comments and appreciate all the well wishes this week…you kept me going strong….


By Pamela Lutrell

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fall outfit

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