Fall outfit idea for the children’s museum

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fall outfit idea

Happy Thursday!  Today, I am sharing a fall outfit idea I wore last weekend to the children’s museum.

It was actually a celebration birthday party for two of my grandchildren.

I considered wearing a hazmat suit (just a joke) because it was with all of the same people at the last party where I caught a nasty virus.

What is sad, is that everyone I spoke with also caught the virus at the last party…and one mom joined me in the Emergency Room.

But, yet, we all showed up at the second party for the love of the kids!


fall outfit idea

This is another fall outfit idea for those who live in warmer climates.

Last year, I picked up this blouse and matching tank at Chico’s on clearance.

I have worn the blouse several ways since purchasing it….sometimes with a solid tank in olive or brown.

And, vice versa, I have worn the printed tank with solid blazers and cardigans…the two items have provided many a different fall outfit idea.

The blouse is sheer, but with a tank underneath is a nice topper….especially during fall in a warmer area.

The olive colors look great with my gold pieces of jewelry and I styled the top over my favorite INC Skinny Jeans.

While there is nothing like this currently online, here are some lovely blouses and tanks at Chico’s:

Now, about Minnie Mouse.  I like to look at consignment/resale shops to find fun pieces for the kids and use those as my gift bag.

This was a little suitcase for our 2-year-old granddaughter and I put several smaller gifts inside.

When her sister turned 6, I put smaller gifts in a ballet bag!  So much more fun that a paper gift bag.


fall outfit idea

The party was in a charming small town called New Braunfels at the McKenna Children’s Museum.

I love parties that also promote learning and this museum is so much fun for a pre-school birthday!

fall outfit idea

fall outfit idea

There were two themes at the party…for my granddaughter who loves the Wheels on the Bus song most and for my 4-year-old grandson, Star Wars.

But, what I really wanted to do myself………

fall outfit idea

Was grab and easel and start painting!!  Looks like so much fun.

There was lots of laughter….and so far….I am virus free!

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I so appreciate you being here today…how is your fall going?  Please share and always…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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