James Avery Giveaway for building family traditions

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James Avery Giveaway

Happy Monday!  I am so excited to share with you a James Avery Giveaway for building family traditions.

Many of you know that I have been a fan of James Avery Artisan Jewelry for over 30 years and am so pleased to be one of their ambassadors.

The wonderful people at James Avery Artisan Jewelry have given me a $150 gift card to give to one of you!

So, let’s discuss the James Avery Giveaway first….because I am so excited!


James Avery Giveaway

As I said, the James Avery Giveaway is for a $150 gift card which can be used in one of their stores or online.

There are so many ways to use this card to either bless you or as a gift to a special someone.

Last year, I shared with you the story of how I give Christmas ornaments to family members at the close of each Thanksgiving meal.

It is a tradition I started a few years ago, and my way of saying...LET THE CHRISTMAS FUN COMMENCE!

So, last year, I gifted everyone a James Avery Ornament…a special keepsake for their Christmas and part of a family tradition.

All you have to do, is place your name in the comments below for the James Avery Giveaway and tell me you would like your name in the hat….I really do pull names from a hat.

I do not use one of those entry widgets because, honestly, they can be annoying with requesting that you jump through a lot of hoops to be entered.

I just want to bless one of you with this incredible prize in this James Avery Giveaway….$150 to spend at a top quality, trusted artisan company…James Avery Artisan Jewelery.

It is that simple…put your name in a comment below that you would like to win.

We would love to know how you would spend it if selected…but it is not a requirement of the James Avery Giveaway.

The winner will be announced on November 1.


James Avery Giveaway

For this James Avery Giveaway, I would like to remind you of how it has been a part of our family traditions for about 37 years.

I wrote the story in this post : A 35 Year Love Story with Mr. B, James Avery, and Me

The first thing I ever purchased was his wedding ring at James Avery.

The brand has always represented to me quality craftsmanship and available designs of faith.

You can learn the James Avery Story here.

James Avery Giveaway

Where I live, women of all ages cherish their personal James Avery charm bracelets.

These bracelets often tell a story about us…who we are, our heritage, and loves.

I found this one on a sales associate at Dillard’s  who was a lovely young woman in her 30s.

She says she still adds to it and it is quite a bracelet.

James Avery Giveaway

I am thrilled this Christmas to start a charm bracelet for my 6-year-old granddaughter!

It’s OK….I am pretty sure she doesn’t read the blog!  Ha Ha!

I think she will love this CONNECTED HEARTS CHARM BRACELET with her initial as her first charm. 

Whoever is selected in the James Avery Giveaway, would also be able to do this for a granddaughter!

I cannot wait to begin this family tradition for her. 

Here are more GIFT GIVING IDEAS.

James Avery Giveaway

This brand has been a blessing to my family for years, and it always excites me to share it with you.

So remember….just tell us below if you want you name in the hat for the James Avery Giveaway $150 Gift Card!

Thank you for being here……ask any questions you might have….


By Pamela Lutrell

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James Avery Giveaway


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