Monday Musings- Packing, Beauty Products and Some Whining

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Happy Monday, ladies. Today’s musings include some honesty about a packing failure, some beauty must-haves for travel, with a sprinkling of whining.


Last week I attended a content creator retreat in Nashville with several very stylish bloggers. I met Tania, Jo-Lynne,  and Cyndi several years ago, so it was a treat to reconnect. These gals are amazing! Lisa and Dawn are now new friends, and I’m so glad I finally got to meet them. Blogging is a solitary, often isolating job, so connecting in real life is beyond rewarding. Plus…these ladies are a blast!

It should go without saying that any get-together that includes fashion bloggers is an opportunity to dress your best and wear fun things. Unfortunately, I failed that one in many ways. Get ready for the whining…I packed in a hurry, in the throws of a sinus inflection. I didn’t pay attention to the location and, as always, only brought a tiny carry-on. These ladies have all done a “what I wore in Nashville post”, but I’m going to skip that 🙂

I brought several pairs of straight-leg jeans, oversized shirts, comfy sneakers, and one outfit for the evening. I missed the cowboy boot memo, but to be honest, I don’t own them. Since we did a fair amount of walking, my feet were happy campers…so there is that. My outfits could have benefitted from some strategic accessories, but frankly, I was exhausted and just felt lucky to be there.

I felt decidedly underdressed most of the time, which is unusual for me and a good reminder to always consider where you’re spending your day when deciding what to wear.

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Anywho…I may have packed the wrong clothes, but I got my skincare and beauty products right. In fact, I always do because I start organizing them a few days before I leave.

As we sat chatting over coffee one morning, I asked the gals to share the one beauty product from Amazon that they never travel without. Here are the beauty items I bought from Amazon over the last 2 months-

Tania cracked me up when she grabbed this full-sized La Roche-Possay Triple Repair Moisturizing Cream bottle. She pumped some onto my arm, and I admit it feels fabulous…but the size! Obviously, she checks her bags, plus she drove to Nashville, so there were no luggage limitations.


Jo-Lynne loves this Q-tips pack, which holds the perfect amount for a trip! I think I would refill the package for next time too.

She also travels with this portable jewelry cleaner which looks genius! Jewelry is one of those things that’s impossible to clean on the road, so I love this idea.


Cyndi swears by this Lay-n-Go cosmetic case, especially when they’re traveling in their motor home. It comes in 27 colors in either 13″, 16″, 20″, or 22″.

Lisa has gorgeous hair and never travels without this Hot Tools One-Step Hairdryer. I spotted her using it, and it sure gave me hair envy.  I don’t have enough hair to even wrap around this dryer 🙂


Dawn loves this Drybar Shower Cap. The outer shell keeps your hair dry, and the terry cloth liner absorbs any moisture from steam.

She also loves this Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Case. I have one in a similar shape, but it’s nowhere near as pretty as this one.

I’ve got several always-take, non-negotiable beauty items, but my current favorite is this essence.


I’m so happy with the way this makes my skin feel that I bought a little travel bottle to decant some for traveling. I haven’t been without it for about a year. That may not seem like long, but for me, it’s very long because I try new things and switch my products up often.

Latest Book

My brother’s latest book is out, just in time for holiday shopping! He’s the writer in the family, I just throw words on a page 🙂


He writes adventure stories for middle-grade readers. This one is about time travel back to the time of Jack The Ripper, complete with positive role models, evil villains, and historically accurate details.

That’s about it for me this Monday. Most bloggers I know are starting their holiday gift guides this week. I would love to be that organized, but I’m not so hopefully later in the week 🙂

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.



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