Practical Fashion Ideas: How to Style a Burgundy Dress

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Not only am I showcasing two different ways of how to style a burgundy dress, my friend Robin has the same dress in olive green and is showing it on her site too.

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Quote of the day: “Words are the clothing of our thoughts.” Jonathan Swift

How to style a burgundy dress
1-This Peach brand dress
2-Options to layer over the dress
3-Layer under the dress
4-More inspiration

I was excited when I noticed that my friend, Robin has this same Peach brand dress in olive green. And I know how everyone always likes options of how to style the same item. So make sure to click over to Robin’s post and see how another stylish woman over 50 makes it work in her wardrobe.

And I likened this quote to my actions in that words are so powerful, yet I struggle to describe some fashion ideas. Let’s just say that words are not my strong suit yet the concepts I share should work for anyone.

Peach Brand Dress

This dress is still available and on sale in limited sizes on Peach’s site. Search for the “Serengeti Dress”. Since it is a relaxed fit, I did size down for this one. Usually using my link gives you $10 off, but I’m not sure how that works with sale items. But it can’t hurt to try, as they have some great sales right now.

I would consider this dress a shift dress in that it’s straight with no real shaping. While you may think that can be unflattering, I think the details of how you style the burgundy dress can make all the difference.
As usual, I wanted to show how to style a burgundy dress in a couple of ways. So I layered both over and under the dress. Remember, just because it is a dress, that doesn’t mean you can’t layer all around it in multiple ways.

Of course, the dress can be worn by itself with no layers also. And since it has wide straps, you can wear a normal bra.

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Options to Layer Over the Dress

Strapless top as overlayer
Dress: Peach ~~ Top: Naomi & Ruth~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Natalia”~~ Purse: wine carrier

Now, this is not the only way to layer over a dress, but I really wanted to do something different.

So I chose my strapless top (worn before with pants for a dressy event) to act as a corset over the dress and give it shape.
The advantage of this is I could wear something strapless yet still wear a normal bra.

Insider tricks: Other ways to layer over any dress (as showcased in this older article):
1-Cardigan or jacket so you can see that it is a dress
2-Wear a top or sweater over it so it looks like a skirt
3-Style another skirt over the bottom half so the dress looks like a top.
4-Wear it with pants as a tunic.

How to Style a Burgundy Dress with Accessories

The print strapless top gives the look more interest so I didn’t need a ton of accessories. But I did want to wear some that I had laying around.

First I added long earrings but because they are thin, they aren’t overwhelming. And then I layered a couple of bracelets and added in some statement rings. All of these elements are not a big part of the look, yet, still, give it intention.

Finally, I took a short, rectangle scarf and wrapped it around my purse handle. Here’s a short YouTube video on how to tie it so it stays. This may seem unnecessary when you’re getting dressed, but I always think if you have these items, why not incorporate them into your look?
It might be too much or it might be just right. Try it and see.

I also wore snakeskin sandals to give the look an element of print mixing. One reason for this was that we were planning on walking a lot this day. That’s why I narrowed it down to a pair of Walking Cradles sandals. And the “Natalia” sandals are wonderful because of the back strap around the ankle to keep your foot in place.

Insider tip: Did you notice that the purse is a wine carrier?? Don’t limit yourself to only purses to carry all your stuff. Lunch boxes, jewelry boxes, and other miscellaneous items with a handle could be repurposed as a purse.

Layer Under the Dress

When it came to layering under this burgundy dress, I wanted to try a color you wouldn’t necessarily pair with burgundy. Which is how I landed on this turquoise blouse.

Many of you saw the first attempt in my Daily Looks post that goes out on Saturdays a couple of weeks back. I didn’t like the brooch and the boots. Really, I think it was the boots that turned me off once I saw the photos.
But that’s the WONDERFUL thing about clothing. It’s easy to change and try something else. You’re not stuck with your choice forever and ever.

So I switched out the booties for my ivory Western booties (showcased recently with 6 different kinds of clothing) and added a necklace instead of the brooch. I liked it much better but I still can’t figure out why.

How to Accessorize a Deep V-Neck

This turquoise necklace has been the subject of a post experimenting with different colors to wear with it. I bought 4 of these necklaces and had all of us style them differently on our Alaskan cruise as seen here.

What this exercise taught me is that while we know something is a certain color, that doesn’t mean it always shows up that way. For instance, I think of this as a turquoise necklace, but in all reality, it’s more of a silver necklace with turquoise on it.
It shows up turquoise on this burgundy background, but in the photo of all 4 of us wearing it, you really didn’t notice the turquoise at all.

Insider tip: Our perception of an item and how others see it can be very different. That’s why it’s good to get a trusted pair of eyes as another opinion.

When you have a deep v-neck top like this, don’t be afraid to wear a longer necklace. Most of us think you have to keep the necklace shorter than the “V”, but remember, sometimes it’s good to color outside of the lines.

Burgundy clothing for fall

More Inspiration For How to Style a Burgundy Dress

I found another photo when I wore this burgundy dress with a plain white shirt under it. This option shows an infinity scarf used as a belt to give the dress shape.

Other color combinations:
1-Try orange like my mom did with her burgundy print dress.
2-Navy and pink are both great options as seen in this article. Pink and burgundy can also be seen here.
3-Lime green gives the darker color a huge pop.
4-Blush is the same color but a different shade.
5- And more

And just as I explained in the Insider tips at the top of this post, you can layer many different kinds of items over (or under) this dress to make it so versatile.
Don’t poo-poo wearing a skirt over it either. I’ve discussed the hows and whys of this idea.

2 options of how to style a burgundy dress

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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