This jeans alternative is so easy to style…

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Looking for a more polished jeans alternative? Today I’m sharing casual and dressed-up outfit ideas with coated denim jeans in warm and cool palettes.

Casual outfits with coated denim jeans

Leather and faux leather are a big trend this fall. But leather can be pricey, and faux leather can be hit-or-miss when it comes to quality and appearance. Coated or “waxed” denim is an alternative that can have a similar look to leather at (usually) a fraction of the price. It’s been around for several years, but this year is widely available in a variety of cuts.

If you’re a jeans lover like me, coated jeans are worth trying. They look more polished than traditional denim, but are just as easy to style. Above, I’ve shown a casual look in a warm palette (Spring/Autumn), and here’s one in a cool (Winter) palette.

(Summers, I’m keeping eyes open for a some options in your colors.)

I’ve tried on several pairs of coated jeans over the last few seasons; here are a few of my tips and what to consider:

  • Fit. As with my blue jeans, I prefer a straight leg style that’s slim but not skin-tight. Any jean that’s not 100% cotton will stretch out a little with wear, so you’ll want to start with a fit that’s a little snug, but not constricting.
  • Comfort. You’ll want to be able to sit and move with ease, so avoid any pairs that feel too heavy or stiff.
  • Care. Most styles I’ve seen recommend dry cleaning. But unless you get a serious spill or stain, you can probably just spot-clean if needed in between wearings.

Here are a few more styles to consider:

As shown above, you can wear these with more casual looks, just as you would with blue jeans. But they can also be a good dressed-up alternative…

Dressy outfits with coated denim jeans

Above, a “going out” look in a warm palette. You can dial the formality up or down with shoes & accessories.

For you Winters, here’s a simple-but-dressed-up look with a velvet blazer…

👉 Style tip: unless your style is very glam or “rockstar,” I’d avoid wearing these coated jeans with other leather or faux-leather clothing items. I like to mix up the textures as I’ve done in each of these outfit collages.

I have one pair in a slightly cropped bootcut style, which you can see HERE, and have that straight leg style in the warm collages above on order to try.

Have you tried coated denim?

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We have 16 spots available for a personal color analysis, which will be happening at Jonathan Novak Gallery in Century City. Brian Haugen will be there to help with makeup, and Tarra Rosenbaum will be joining us with some of her stunning jewelry. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Each session takes about 2 hours, and at the end you’ll receive a lovely leather color wallet, with your seasonal palette. Cost for the personalized color analysis is $450. Having my color analysis was the best wardrobe investment I’ve ever made, and (I’m not exaggerating) was a life-changing experience! I hope you’ll be able to join us.

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