Useful Gift Ideas for Your Senior Loved Ones

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While putting this list together, I realized that I already use or could use several things on it. So if you’re shopping for an elderly loved one this holiday season or could use some things to make your own life easier, read on. Whether it be a comfort item like a cozy blanket or a practical gadget like a jar opener, the perfect gifts for our senior friends and family members should help to improve their daily life.  Some of these presents will aid those in need of pain relief and memory care, while others help with the loss of fine motor skills or vision.

If you are shopping for an elderly loved one this holiday season, this guide has you covered!

Useful Gift Ideas for Your Senior Loved Ones

Grabber Reacher Tool

This 32″ grabber is perfect for reaching for something dropped on the floor or sitting on a high shelf in a cabinet!

Cup Holder for Walker or Wheelchair

If your senior loved one uses a walker or wheelchair to get around, they probably don’t have any way to transport a drink with them to the store, doctor’s office, etc. The design of this product keeps the cup upright and in place.

Weighted Heating Pad

Allow your loved one to experience the gift of pain relief with this weighted heating pad that targets the back, neck, and shoulders. The hands-free design allows it to be worn while watching tv, reading, playing cards, etc.

Super Fat Pen for Arthritis, Pack of 5

This super fat pen is easy to hold and helps arthritic hands write with ease!

Long Handled Shoe Horn

This long-handled shoe horn is a great dressing aid for those with decreased mobility and the inability to bend over easily to put on their shoes and socks.

Adjustable 4pcs Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow Set

This wedge set is wonderful for those recovering from surgery or those that suffer from aches and pains. No matter if you want to sleep, read or just watch TV more comfortably, you will feel the wonders of a natural upright spine alignment on your tight neck, lower back, or hips.

Able Life Auto Cane

This handle provides the user with stability and balance when standing or sitting from the car. It is compatible with most vehicles and perfect for the elderly, injured, or anyone needing mobility assistance to help them easily maneuver in and out of cars without caregiver assistance.

Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

This comfortable gel cushion supports recovery from lower back problems, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, sciatica, and other spinal issues. Add it to the car seat, recliner, kitchen chair, etc., for comfort and pain relief wherever your senior may be.

This tool helps arthritis sufferers to open their jars and bottles. The design has multiple sizes so that it can open a variety of jars and bottle shapes. I’ve needed to use a jar opener for many years because of arthritis in my hands.

Help prevent ear pain and pressure with this neck pillow designed to be a side sleeping pillow. It features ear holes to relieve pressure throughout the night and can also be helpful for CPAP users.

Xpand No Tie Shoelace System

Transform any shoe into a slip-on with this no-tie shoelace system! This keeps your aging loved one from bending and twisting to put on and tie their shoes. This one has my husband’s name all over them 🙂

Window Bird Feeder with Suction Cups

Let your senior family member or friend watch their feathered friends up close & personal with these clear bird feeders for windows! It mounts perfectly to any clean window, providing a close & unobstructed view. This would also be wonderful for someone in an assisted living facility.

LED 3x Page Magnifier

This would be a great gift for those who love to do crosswords, read the paper, bible, etc., but strain to see small print! Even with my glasses, I often need more help, especially with the back of bottles and some beauty products.

Microwaveable Therapy Mittens

This last gift is for those with hand problems like stiff joints, arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc. Count me in on this issue. These PhysioNatural mittens warmed in the microwave will help relax stiff muscles and relieve the pain associated with the above problems. These hit my cart immediately and are on their way to my stiff sore hands 🙂

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