Watch Rick Ross and DJ Khaled Face Off on the GQ Hype Debate Show

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Welcome to GQ Hype Debate, where the biggest names battle it out. In the premiere episode, two music legends go head to head over the greatest snack of all time.

Start your engines — GQ just dropped the first episode of Hype Debate, a new video series in which two icons battle it out over a highly disputed issue. The winner? That’s up to you to decide in the comments section. Each debate has an opening statement, 3 rounds for each competitor to make their case, and a chance for both to make their final closing remarks.

And who better to kick off the very first rumble than DJ Khaled and Rick Ross? Watch as the two music superstars—and food connoisseurs—mix it up over the all-time greatest snack. It’s chips versus cereal. Savory versus sweet. Fam versus fam. Who will take home the win?

In his opening statement, Khaled introduces his key: cereal, a classic breakfast food and notable late night treat. And to snack like Khaled, you’ll have to do it right, with Cinnamon Toast Crunch drenched in almond milk.

His opponent poses an important question that we’ve all been asking about almond milk: “Is it from the almond of the walnut? Is they squeezing it out of the peanut?” But Khaled, who always has the key, responds, “I don’t have that answer and I usually have every answer.”

As for Ross, his favorite snack has a more personal touch. “The Rick Ross version of Rap Snacks,” he says. “And when I say the Rick Ross version, I’m talking Rozay Cheddar.”

The two grill each other from there: Is the best snack sweet or savory? What’s better late at night? Which has a bigger cultural impact? “What really separated that Cinnamon Toast Crunch moment from all those other Honey Smacks, Captain Crunch, the Honey Nut Cheerios?” Ross asks. Khaled responds pragmatically: “170 calories”

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