Watch Strongman Martins Licis Train With Deadlifter Rauno Heinla

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Rauno Heinla broke the 400 kg (881 pounds) world record for repetitions in 2020, with six reps at the World’s Ultimate Strongman “Feats of Strength” event. He’s also one of a very small number of professional strongmen, including Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson and Eddie “The Beast” Hall, to have pulled 1,000 pounds. Heinla, a six-time winner of Estonia’s Strongest Man, is now setting his sights on the 505 kg record: that’s a staggering 1,113 pounds.

In a new video on his YouTube channel, strongman Martins Licis—who has won both the World’s Strongest Man and Arnold Strongman Classic competitions—travels to Heinla’s hometown in Estonia to spend a couple of days time training with him as he prepares for his next record-breaking attempt.

“There’s almost no simpler way to show the world how strong you really are,” says Licis. “To break a world record in deadlift isn’t just proving yourself to your peers; it’s etching your name in all of strength history… I’m eager to peek into the deadlift practice for this world record holder.”

Reinla hopes to hit his record while filming with Licis, but due to a prior log press workout which wore out his back, he ends up reaching failure at 460 kg (1,014 pounds).

“In my mind, I was ready, but my body wasn’t ready for what I was thinking to do today,” he says. “OK, it was not so bad, 450 [kgs]… How many guys can do that? But in my mind, I was planning [to lift 505] by tomorrow… I just need one week rest, and then we’ll do what I wanted to do today.”

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