We Tested the Toque Fitness Tank M1 Fitness Sled

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PUSHING AND PULLING a sled can be an excellent cardio addition to your strength and conditioning training. But do you have one in your home gym? Most likely not, given all the space and equipment required for sled training.

The Torque Fitness Tank M1 Push Sled may very well make the case that it’s high time to invest in one—specifically, this one. Part of its appeal is that it allows you to use the sled without many of the extra components that traditionally come from sled training.

“A challenging part of adding in sled work into your routine is, do you have the space? Do you have the weights? Do you have all the options available for yourself?” says David Otey, C.S.C.S., trainer and Men’s Health Advisory Board Member. “The team at Torque Fitness created the M1 Tank to create a compact and weightless version of a sled that actually might be the answer to all of your questions.”

Torque Fitness Torque Fitness TANK M1 Sled

Torque Fitness TANK M1 Sled

Torque Fitness Torque Fitness TANK M1 Sled
Credit: Torque Fitness

Benefits of Sled Training Workouts

As Otey explains, we often end up seeing something called “axial stress” with our fitness trending. “If I were to do a barbell back squat, that means that the barbell has to rest on the top of my spine and my spine has to accommodate and compress in order to hold that weight,” he says. “When I’m doing sled work, because the weight is in front of me, there is no stress between the back outside of the muscles being active to stabilize your body, which makes it a great option for people.”

Otey further elaborates that if you ever worked out vigorously you’ve probably felt what’s called delayed onset muscle soreness (a.k.a. DOMS), which is that “achy, sore feeling.” That typically comes from what’s called eccentric contractions, the lengthening of the muscle. “When it comes to sled training, it is mostly a concentric only movement. The muscles are really shortening under stress,” he adds.

“So when you’re doing something like a sled workout, you’re getting all the pump and energy that you’re getting from a workout with your lower body, but you’re eliminating a lot of the potential for having soreness the next day,” says Otey, noting that it’s a great tool if you’re trying to get a good workout in and not feel like you’re out of commission for the rest of the week.

How the Tank M1 Sled Works

The M1 tank has a weightless design (although you can load some plates to the rig), using a “Mag-Force system” for variable resistance. That means the harder you push into the wheel and the sled, the harder it’s going to push back into you when you’re walking, running, or sprinting. Users can also vary the resistance from a 0-3 setting, with 0 being almost no weight at all and 3 a very difficult level of resistance.

What We Liked About the Tank M1 Sled

The Tank M1 Sled Is Lightweight

The Tank M1 sled weighs in at just 67 pounds, which is very manageable for a rig like a sled. Otey says that working with it can still be “humbling,” so you won’t be shortchanged.

The Tank M1 Sled Is Compact

Unlike huge sleds that take up a ton of space and can’t be moved away from the place they’re being used, Otey found the Tank M1 Sled was easy to store. Since you don’t need a ton of weight for resistance, either, you don’t need to reserve space for plates.

You Can Use the Tank M1 Sled’s Wheels Just About Anywhere

Many fitness sleds have runners, which mean they can only be used on smooth surfaces like turf. The Tank M1’s wheels work well just about anywhere, from concrete and gravel to grass.

How the Tank M1 Sled Can Improve

The Tank M1 Accessories Are Sold Separately

While the sled is ready to go immediately, if you want to train using any other gear, it’ll cost you. The complete kit will run you over $1k—which isn’t cheap for one piece of gear.

The Tank M1 Handles Are Fixed on One Side

Otey doesn’t love the the sleds handles are only able to be used in one way. This might make it a little bit tougher for beginners to use.

The Tank M1 Is Hard to Maneuver

The sled’s novel resistance system does make it a bit tough to turn around once you’ve gone as far as you need to go on the push part of your workout. Think of it like a particularly difficult push lawn mover.

Who Should Buy the Tank M1 Sled

Otey thinks the Tank M1 sled is best for anyone who wants a full-body workout, but not necessarily for those who want more mass as their ultimate goal or beginners.

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