You Can Get an 8-Foot Grim Reaper Inflatable for Your Haunted House

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PICTURE THIS: The trick-or-treaters head off into the night, eager with anticipation for their loot of candy. Fog rolls in, slowly covering the once lit path leading to the glorious piles of sugar, and just in the distance they see two beaming red eyes coming from a towering dark figure holding something in its hands. Maybe it’s a walking stick? Oh, no! It’s a scythe, carried by a creature from out of this world. It sends the treaters running and screaming and gives them the chills knowing they almost had an encounter with the Grim Reaper.

GOOSH Grim Reaper Inflatable

GOOSH Grim Reaper Inflatable

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You can bring this spine-chilling fantasy to life this Halloween with this Grim Reaper inflatable, available on Amazon for $49.99. After a minute of inflation, the reaper will blow up to 8 feet tall, ready to tower over any people that dare to approach your yard. Shrouded in a black cloak covered in bright red and orange flames and bearing a scythe to take souls into his own hands, the reaper appears to have just been summoned from the realm of death to guide more souls to the afterlife. Built-in LED lights make the reaper’s eyes glow red to further frighten neighbors, warning those who come near.

Have no fear that the inflatable will be swept away in the brisk gusts of the night thanks to the built in sand bags. Two stakes and three tethers are also included with purchase to ensure that the inflatable is secured to the ground. The reaper has a 10-foot extension cord so you’ll be able to plug it in from inside or outside, and place it anywhere in your yard. Built to last, the inflatable is made out of durable waterproof material.

The time of the year has come to haunt your neighbors and collect the souls of trick-or-treaters who dare to approach. This wear-resistant grim reaper inflatable is perfect for a haunted house, a halloween party, or to terrify neighbors all October long. Priced at $50, the Angel of Death can be added as a staple to your collection of frightful decor for years to come.

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