2 Beers Is Apparently All It Takes to Defeat Captain America

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Chris Evans has just been named People‘s latest “Sexiest Man Alive,” but at 41, he jokes that he’s starting to feel old. In his People cover story, the actor—best known for playing the buff comic book hero Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe—reflected on how his approach to diet and exercise has changed since entering his forties… and how these days, two beers is all it takes to topple a superhero.

“It happened so quickly,” he said. “A year ago I wasn’t thinking about any of this. I was someone who was lucky enough to not really think much of it in my 30s and then I hit 40 and it all came at once.”

“In the good ol’ days I could eat whatever I wanted, do a couple workouts per week and be okay,” he continued. “That is not the case anymore. If I have two beers, I wear it. I haven’t had to play a role like Captain America in a while so things like diet and workout regimen haven’t been on my radar. But getting older, things are clicking and sore and it’s harder to wake up, you have less energy.”

Being mindful of his body means Evans has made some “simple” changes to his regular routine, including getting more rest and focusing more on mobility. “It’s as simple as stretching in the morning,” he said. “God, I’m old… But things like that. Making sure you’re drinking water, that you go to bed at a reasonable time, making sure you’re not drinking too much coffee or beer, simple things, but they add up.”

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