Aquaspin, take two!

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Tracy has tried it before in similar circumstances, staying at a resort and wondering about the exercise options. I was intrigued after reading her post and then happy to see it on offer at a resort too.

I’m staying at a resort in the Dominican Republic, tagging along while Sarah is here for a work retreat. And while there are lots of fitness offerings, Beach Zumba anyone?, I’m still a little limited by my knees.

I’ve been walking lots around the resort, swimming in the ocean, working out at the resort fitness centre, and doing knee physio exercises in my room, but I was excited to give aqua spin a try.

The basic idea is pretty simple. There are exercise bikes in the pool. There’s an instructor. There’s lots of loud music. And “¡vamos, vamos, vamos!”

You couldn’t adjust the tension on the bikes but that’s fine. Pedaling was made harder by the resistance of the water. We did a lot of standing while pedaling and I wasn’t at all sure how that would go. Since knee surgery I haven’t done it. But the extra buoyancy of the water made it possible.

It might have gotten boring quickly except there was a lot of bike adjacent exercising and stretching. There was certainly no high expectations of fitness or technique when it came to aqua spinning. Some of the participants had clearly been enjoying the swim up bar at this all inclusive resort prior to spinning. Lots of jokes about earning another drink, etc.

But my favorite part was that the instructor pretty much only instructed in Spanish. When people asked questions he asked if they spoke Spanish. If not, he managed just fine but it was clear he preferred to operate in Spanish. That was welcome because earlier I’d been joking that my Duolingo Spanish did me no good because all the staff spoke to us in English.

Would I seek out aqua spin in Ontario? Maybe. Not likely.

Would I do aqua spin again at a resort? ¡Sí!

Here’s some random resort shots!

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