Brands on my radar

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brands on my radar

Happy Tuesday, friends.  Today, I want to call attention to a few brands on my radar.

These are brands which have been brought to my attention from members of this audience.

However, I have not personally tried them myself.  But, from what you say, they are now brands on my radar.

They are also very popular on line and very trendy.

Most often, I am sharing brands that I have personally experienced either by wearing or going to a store to touch and see.

But,  I do like what I see with these and want to make sure everyone knows the new brands on my radar.


brands on my radar

If you go to the QUINCE website, you will see beautiful clothing and reasonable prices.

I have been watching them for awhile on Instagram, and wondered if they too good to be true….especially in the cashmere and washable silks realm.

But, one of you wonderful readers, believes they are and now I have them as one of the brands on my radar to watch even closer.

Here are some of the beautiful items you can find there:


brands on my radar

VIVAIA was brought to my attention as a quality comfort shoe line especially for women with bunions, or toe challenges like I have.

They purport to make shoes with wider toe boxes for great comfort….and their selections do look attractive.

I would like to hear from any of you who have tried this brand…I am close to trying it myself.

Here are styles which hit my radar:


brands on my radar

AllBIRDS has been one of the brands on my radar for some time now.

It is actually a man I respect who said recently that these are the most comfortable shoes he has ever worn.

He tried one pair and now owns eight!

So here are the ones I am watching today:


brands on my radar

I have had Birdies on the brands on my radar for some time now…their shoes look like so much fun.

But, I do not know many women who wear them…and would love to hear from those of you who do.

I would particularly like to know about their comfort level for those of us who have funky feet.

I love all of the brands offering women creative footwear in flats…no longer are flats out of style or aging.  They rock!

But, here are some beauties on my radar:

Those are currently the brands on my radar.  If you know more, please share, and if you want to put more brands on my radar then let me know.  I love to do research for you.

Thanks for joining in…………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

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brands on my radar

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