Embrace change to build a wardrobe

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embrace change

Happy Tuesday, friends!  I want to share with you my journey with my wardrobe today and discuss how I embrace change to build my wardrobe.

This photo back drop at church on Sunday provided the perfect message for today…Fall is proof that change is beautiful.

Just the day before, I noticed how much more I am enjoying my wardrobe right now and experiencing a deeper level of contentment with it.

Deciding what to wear every day is bringing me so much joy and contentment.

It has been quite a journey the past couple of years, but the destination results in confidence and a healthier mindset.

The truth is that we feel better about ourselves when the woman in the mirror is smiling back at us.


embrace change

I have never embraced change easily…in fact if something in my life is smooth sailing and suddenly undergoes change, I really hate it.

However, I am gradually learning the powerful lessons which come with embracing change.

Many of us transitioned our worlds when the pandemic showed up.

I know so many women, like myself, who made the decision to work from home or to completely retire.

Several of us received unexpected layoff notices forcing change we could not foresee.

Those changes meant new decisions with our wardrobes…what messages did we want our style to say about us in a new stage of life.


embrace change

Since this all began, here is the way I embrace change and how it has worked for me.

Most of you know I learned that I was wearing the wrong colors in my professional life.

I am not a “cool” palette, but a warm vibrant autumn.  So, I actually decided to embrace change completely and I cleaned out all of the colors that were not my best.

Wearing my best colors now for over a year has instilled confidence in myself and my wardrobe…it all works together now like a well oiled machine.

My best colors put a smile on my face and I know they are me. 


embrace change

Because this has been a new transition for me, I needed to build a wardrobe that is casual yet polished.

Though I work from home, blogging does take me out and about to events and meetings, so I still need a quasi-professional appearance.

I want to tell the world with my clothing that I am creative, polished, approachable, joyful and current.

These have been my new style adjectives for the past year and I know they are working.  

Every time I go into my wardrobe to pull together a look, it must tell the world I am those five adjectives…if not…it is back to the drawing board.

Regular readers will recognize this as my foundational five…and it makes a huge difference to control what you buy and how your look…it sharpens a personal style just for you.


embrace change

Another big change is that I am paying closer attention to fit…and trying not to hide in my clothing as much as I did in my past.

This has been gradual and purposeful since 2021….for me, and I know for many of you, this takes courage and acceptance of your body type.

But with each outfit, my courage has grown.

Most of you know I love kimonos, but I embrace change by purchasing short kimonos where I size down.

The top picture is a recent purchase from Chico’s.

This the Burnout Woven Kimono in a size S/M.

I styled it with all Chico’s….girlfriend jeans, necklace and tank….though all are past acquisitions. 

For me this is perfect….colors (check)….adjectives (check)…and fit (check).


embrace change

As I embrace change in my style, the change has become beautiful.

I am content knowing this is the right path for me at this time.

How is your contentment level with your own wardrobe?  Is anyone else working to embrace change and accept new style?  We can all learn from the shared experiences.

I was recently asked to post “sweaters with pizzazz” that are currently on the market.

In this slideshow, I have all price points…and looked for sweaters with interesting design…enjoy….

Thank you for joining me today for a discussion on how to embrace change with our wardrobes…tomorrow is Today’s News for Women over 50…hope to see you there.


By Pamela Lutrell

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embrace change

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