Fredericksburg TX: 5 top picks

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Fredericksburg TX

Happy Thursday and welcome!  Today I am sharing from our recent road trip to Fredericksburg TX, our 5 top pics.

On Tuesday, I showed you the beginning of our short road trip to Fredericksburg TX.

I explained that on this trip Mr. B and I were purposeful to visit new places from wineries to retail. 

Today, I have our five top picks from among all the places we visited for the first time.


Fredericksburg TX

This road trip was quickly put together for a very special evening that I will share with you on Sunday.

Since we were only staying over one night, I did not want to go with one of the really nice bed & breakfasts because we did not plan to spend much time where we stayed.

This was the morning that greeted me on Monday out my little patio at the Peachtree Inn & Suites...and it was a great deal.

Yes, it is older and not a fancy place.  But, I really liked the little cabin design with a kitchen, very comfy bed, and ceiling fan above the bed (which matters to me!)

If we ever go back, they do allow pets, so Tux could go along.

I recommend it….perfect for $100 a night.  In Fredericksburg TX…that is a great deal, and I would go back.


Fredericksburg TX

Mr. B researched the breakfast options and he did an excellent job with his selections.

I am so glad we did great quantities of walking all day…or I would look like Jelly Belly.

By the way, I am wearing the Windowpane Wrap from LOFT over a St. John’s Bay Womens V Neck Tee in Rifle Green, and my INC. Skinny Curvy Jeans.

First, our pick for breakfast food is pick number two.

Fredericksburg TX

The Old German Bakery and Restaurant is fabulous! 

I have never tried a German pancake and it is so good (has a hint of lemon in it) but is way too much for one person…Mr. B enjoyed adding some to his sausage meal.

And, I am sorry I did not photograph the bakery…but all of it looked scrumptious.

They had good coffee…but our favorite coffee house is pick number three. 


Fredericksburg TX

As I said, Mr. B discovered RockHaus Coffee and we stopped by both days we were there.

I honestly believe this is the best coffee I have ever tasted…the roast is so good. 

Like the winery from Tuesday, this coffee shop is no fuss…all coffee.  So good.

They do not have a website, but they are located on Main.

Fredericksburg TX

Fredericksburg TX

While the barista is working on your brew, RockHaus does have a fun shop to spend time for treasure hunting.


Fredericksburg TX

We have walked by Fredericksburg Jewelers several times and never gone in…so glad that we did this time.

This is much more than a jewelry store…it is honestly more like visiting an art museum.

Fredericksburg TX

Fredericksburg TX

While they have lovely pieces of jewelry, they also feature creations from local artists that are gorgeous and some are mesmerizing.

The majority are by Native American artists.

Fredericksburg TX

Fredericksburg TX

I am just skimming the surface here.  There Is so much to see and spend time with in this store.


Fredericksburg TX

In the top picture of today’s post, I am standing in a new home decor store (to us) that we both loved.

It is called eWay Furniture and is on Main Street.

I was not only impressed with their selections but also felt the prices were very reasonable for the quality they offer.

Fredericksburg TX

Fredericksburg TX

I could have gone crazy in eWay, but I did select a couple of small decorative items for the new bathroom.

And Mr. B found a new artwork for our front room and we both liked it….I will show you when we get that room put back together.

On most of our trips to or through Fredericksburg, we make quick stops at our favorite places, so it was so much fun to discover new places on this trip.

Every shop we went into had it’s charm, but these are our favorites…except for my pick for best clothing boutique…which I will share with you tomorrow.

Hope to see you then…thank you for joining me in Fredericksburg TX today!  Hopefully, I will see you tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Fredericksburg TX

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