Here’s How to Watch Yellowstone Season 5, Including Where to Stream

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In an interview earlier this month for The Atlantic, Jen Landon (Yellowsone’s Teeter) put into words our own surprise at the success of Paramount’s Montana ranching drama: “A demographic of people who I normally associate with not knowing how to open Netflix managed to find Paramount and watch this show.”

For the first time in modern television history, the advantage of finding and watching a series goes to those Americans who shell out oodles of money each month for a cable package. All they gotta do is remember to tune in on Sundays. Yellowstone Season 5 is easy for them.

Those of us without cable, however, are finding it much harder to watch the new season of Yellowstone, thanks to a very confusing logic of parent company ownership and distribution rights.

Yellowstone airs on the Paramount Network. Paramount’s non-cable streaming service is Paramount+. Therefore, Yellowstone must be on Paramount+.


John Dutton has never once galloped across Paramount+. (Although his ancestors did. More on that below.)

To watch Yellowstone Season 5, one can’t rely on its inclusion in streaming packages. You might have to spend a little money.

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How to watch Yellowstone Season 5

If you have a cable subscription, congratulations, you’ve paid into the easiest way to watch Yellowstone. You can watch the series on Paramount Network when it airs each Sunday at 8:00 PM ET. (Full release schedule here.) If you miss the episode when it airs live, you can catch up online, by logging onto the Paramount Network website through your cable provider.

Look at you: Your millennial children told you cable is a waste of money, but in this (very specific) instance, they’re wrong.

How to watch Yellowstone Season 5 without cable

Either you find a cable login and access Yellowstone through the Paramount Network site, or you pony up.

The Yellowstone Season 5 premiere (episodes 1 and 2) are available for free on the Paramount site. After that, you gotta pay by episode. Amazon Prime offers Season 5 for $2.99 an episode. The season will run for eight episodes, meaning you’ll only have to pay for six. (Still less than the price of a major city movie ticket.) The episodes are available after they air, so you won’t be behind if you pay.

How to watch past seasons of Yellowstone

If you have cable: All episodes are available on the Paramount website. If you don’t have cable, you can watch Seasons 1-4 on Peacock.

Again, you won’t find anything on Paramount+. Well, you will find …

How to watch the Yellowstone spinoffs

Finally, Paramount+ is useful for accessing the Yellowstone universe. All past spinoffs (1883) and upcoming spinoffs (1923 and 6666) are and will be available on the streaming service.

Unfortunately for cable users, Paramount+ is not included in your package. So everyone will have to pay for Paramount+, regardless of your access to Paramount Network. Confused? Frustrated? Ready to throw things out the window? So are we.

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