How To Wear a Peasant Top Yet Not Look Like a Bumpkin

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Some styles of clothing can bring up images of a country bumpkin. For instance overalls and prairie dresses. Sometimes it’s more about the name of the piece or how we wore it in the past.
That’s why I thought it would be fun to talk about how to wear a peasant top in modern ways to look chic and stylish.

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How to wear a peasant top
What is a peasant top?
Lesley-Midi skirt
Jodie-Mini skirt
Charlotte-Print jeans

How to wear a peasant top for women over 50

I always love the opportunity to showcase the same clothing item with the three of us who wear different sizes and are of different ages. The other unique factor is how we all enjoy our style to be very individual.
It’s exactly why I loved the quote above. It reminds me of the need to be less judgemental, and more open-minded as I get older.

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What is a Peasant Top?

You can find a range of definitions, but most will agree that a wide neck and voluminous sleeves with elastic are the common traits of a peasant top. Many times the peasant tops are elaborately decorated with needlework and trimmings.
Even though our examples are solid colored, I think we can safely use them as examples of how to wear a peasant top.

I found this blouse on Old Navy’s website and thought it would be a fabulous item for the three of us to style differently. I knew my mom would like it because it’s long-sleeved, Lesley would like it because it’s cotton, and I loved that it was casual yet could be worn in so many ways.
When I pulled it out of the packaging, my husband immediately called it a peasant blouse. And even though Old Navy didn’t describe it in those terms, I agree.

At the time when we first ordered them, they only came in these 3 colors. But right now, I see it in 9 different colorways (although I see no difference between the two black options).
It has over 1600 reviews with 4.5 stars. And I have to agree, it’s one of those easy-to-wear tops, that will go with so much in my closet.

How to Wear a Peasant Top with a Midi Skirt

Black top and camel skirt
Skirt: Bella Pague-online ~~ Top: Old Navy ~~ Shoes: Franco Sarto -Macys ~~ Necklace: estate sale~~ Purse: Nordstrom Rack

Lesley opted for the black blouse and decided to wear it with a fall color palette. Basically, you could say that she copied the colors from her leopard shoes and tote.

I was also impressed with this midi skirt that Lesley recently found while shopping on Amazon. I think we can safely say after our recent experiment with an Amazon company, that there are quality clothes to be had on the site.

One of the things I really love about this outfit is how Lesley tucked in her blouse and is creating a 1/3 to 2/3 proportion with it and the skirt. She would be the first one to tell you that she doesn’t have a real waistline, yet, the contrast of colors creates one and makes the outfit look fabulous.

Many of my older friends incorrectly think that their tucking days are over. Yet there is just no reason that women of any size can’t tuck in a shirt.
We tend to think that if we cover our midsection that it looks smaller. Yet in all reality, there are times this does the exact opposite.

Insider tip: Play around with a top by tucking, half-tucking, and leaving it untucked. Take photos of each and evaluate before deciding.
Remember, style and colors can make it look different. And not all half-tucking methods are created equal.

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Leopard Accents

You may not realize that when Lesley first started modeling with us, she was not a fan of leopard print. It’s only after being more open to the idea of it that she has included the print in her closet. And not just with these accent pieces. She even has clothing like this faux fur vest that she’s worn in the past.

Insider tip: Do you have something you won’t wear? I always think it’s good to analyze and really question the “why” behind it. Sometimes our habits run deep and don’t behoove us.

Lesley kept the entire outfit in this brown and black colorway. The factors that really make it stand out are the different textures and her willingness to include hair accessories (the headband) to change up her hair.

Midi skirt with top tucked in for older woman

Wearing a Peasant Top with a Faux Leather Mini Skirt

Snakeskin skirt and how to wear a peasant top
Skirt: Sfera-thredUp ~~Top: Old Navy~~ Boots: Nordstrom-Goodwill ~~ Scarf: Hand knit by a friend~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o~~ Purse: Patricia Nash (won in a giveaway)

I also chose to tuck my peasant blouse into a skirt, yet my outfit is very different from Lesley’s. I wore a short faux leather skirt, cowboy boots, and a head scarf.

Since the top is dark green, I decided to wear my green cowboy boots to add the same color for my footwear. You can see how they aren’t the exact same shade of green, yet the head scarf ties it together since the scarf has a couple of shades of green in it.

I bought this skirt off an online thrift site called thredUp. I know it’s iffy buying clothing online when you can’t return it because it doesn’t fit. That’s one reason why skirts are a better risk than pants. With skirts, you only have fewer fit points. And with a waistband like this, it can be a tad big because then it just falls down closer to my hips and still fits.

Insider information: With my link, you get $10 off your first order on thredUp (and I get $10 to spend also).

The skirt was a fabulous score, and I have worn it many, many times. I had never heard of the brand, but I rarely buy something because of the brand name. I would rather buy something because I like it.
It’s no different than buying from Old Navy. How many older women think it’s just for young kids? Yet, we have proven in the past (as well as today) that women over 80 can rock these items.

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One tip with shorter skirts is to wear taller boots with them to feel more covered. I’m basically showing the same amount of leg as Lesley, just in different places!

Accessories to Wear with a Peasant Top

Instead of a necklace that would compete with the buttons down the front of this blouse, I opted to use one of my thin, hand-knit scarves as a headscarf. I made sure that one end draped down my back and one end came around to the front.
With a scarf like this, I do use 2 bobby pins to attach it to my hair at the base of my skull.

Insider tip: Remember, that just as many people see you from the back. Give them fun details to look at from each angle.

Forest green and snakeskin

How to Wear a Peasant Top with Jeans

Berry colored peasant top with grey
Jeans: LOFT~~ Top: Old Navy~~ Shoes: Apt 9- Kohls ~~ Scarf and clip: from her Russian trip~~ Earrings: Steinmart ~~ Purse: no label

Charlotte wore a pair of skinny jeans with the peasant top untucked. This is a very comfortable style that is popular among many women.

My mom made it more interesting with 4 details:
1-Statement scarf (kept in place with a clip)
2-Whimsical purse
3-Choosing a bright color for her peasant top
4-Wearing fun and modern earrings.

I think those details create an overall modern look with skinny jeans and an untucked top. Otherwise, it could be a recipe for frump.
Notice too, that the jeans are print denim. They have an itsy floral pattern on them which makes them more interesting than plain blue jeans.

How Charlotte Made the Look Her Own

It’s the extras of any outfit that give you creative license and make it so unique. By having the silver shoes match to the jeans she creates a nice proportion with the untucked top. Then the other extras give the overall look an air of whimsy and fun.

The statement scarf has these great bubbles on the ends that make you want to touch them.
And then those feather earrings are so light and airy and could be found on any 20-year-old.

Insider tip: Remember, clothing or accessories DO NOT HAVE age limits on them. Even the newfangled earrings can be worn by young or old women alike.

Colorful options of how to wear a peasant top

And when it comes right down to it, there are many more ways how to wear a peasant top. Keep following along and I’m sure you’ll see these shirts layered over and under other items.
Remember those two words when putting together outfits. Over and under. Over and under. You can create so much variety by realizing that almost everything can be layered over and under.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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