Important Updates on Collagen Her

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updates on Collagen Her


Happy Tuesday, everyone.  I have important updates on Collagen Her to share with you today.

On August 25, I first announced here that I had decided to try Collagen Her for my bone strength since my system does not handle calcium supplements well.

So, I am here today to report back to you with updates on Collagen Her, including how to save this week.


updates on Collagen Her

I continue to use Collagen Her Peptide Powder in my coffee every morning.

It dissolves quickly into my coffee because it is such a high quality collagen.  I continue to speak with other women whose collagen is clumpy when put in a hot beverage.

But, not Collagen Her….the product is responsibly sourced from grass fed, pasture raised bovine in South America.

I do personally feel like it has helped me in a variety of ways…system and hunger regulation, softer wrinkles on my face, and hopefully stronger bones. 

My constipation has disappeared and I do believe this has helped with my new healthy eating plan.   Yes, I am a fan.

The positives I see are enough to keep this going and continue to start every day with Collagen Her Peptide Powder…doing something good for me.

updates on Collagen Her

Quality collagen like Collagen Her offers is so important for women over 50.

We can use that additional boost for hair strength, stronger nails, a softer complexion, and for stronger bones. 

Now, I believe my morning cup of coffee is a POWER cup because it is fortified with one scoop of Collagen Her Peptide Powder.


updates on Collagen Her

However, if you want to add collagen to your good health routine, but not the way I do it, then be encouraged…Collagen Her has many options now for you to select what is best for you.

It is collagen for every woman made simple.  

The Marine Collagen Powder, the Multi-Collagen Capsules, and the Marine Collagen Beauty Gummies give multiple ways to take advantage of Collagen Her.

You can easily find the important collagen just for you…. just check out the information on all of these by clicking the links below.


updates on Collagen Her

This is the best week to add Collagen Her to your life….savings is always an important update.

There are multiple ways to save money on all of the products.

Website Sale

  • 20% off all products using code BLACKFRIDAY20 plus a free bottle of our Marine Collagen Beauty Gummies with any purchase over $70.

Amazon Sale

  • The products below will be on sale all week starting on Monday.
    • Unflavored  – $29.58 – 20%
    • Marine – $29.58 – 20%

I encourage you to give Collagen Her some serious consideration.


 By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I received compensation for this post, but the words are my own.

updates on Collagen Her

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