Mack Weldon’s New 2-in-1 Puffer Jacket Is a Winter Must-Have

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THIS WINTER, we ask you to put function first, style a close second; we ask you to spare a thought for the cold-season outerwear underdog—the puffer jacket—instead of letting yourself be buried in parkas; and we ask you to consider the possibility that there is a puffer jacket out there with the punchiest feats to beat the cold and break the sartorial ceiling simultaneously. If you’ve managed to do all three above, then in next to no time, as winter kicks itself into high gear, you’ll find yourself sporting Mack Weldon’s WARMKNIT 2-Way Puffer Jacket every single day.

Mack Weldon WARMKNIT 2-Way Puffer Jacket

WARMKNIT 2-Way Puffer Jacket

Mack Weldon WARMKNIT 2-Way Puffer Jacket

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When faced with this puffer jacket, you should probably ask yourself a rhetorical question: “Why get only one style when you can get two?” Because Mack Weldon’s reversible jacket offers exactly that. The exterior—and it really depends on which side you think is the exterior; in this case, we’ll just go with the brand’s designated one—is a smooth herringbone in charcoal heather that you can layer a bit casually, or even dress it up to the nines above button-down shirts. Flip it inside out, and what is originally a sleek business casual jacket is turned into a black quilted nylon puffer ready for braving the wind and the snow outdoors.

Mack Weldon WARMKNIT 2-Way Puffer Jacket

WARMKNIT 2-Way Puffer Jacket

Mack Weldon WARMKNIT 2-Way Puffer Jacket

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In either scenario, you’ll be impressed by this puffer’s ruggedness: Both sides are resistant to water, making the whole two-in-one special a sound winter gear. But that’s not even the most hardcore bit about the jacket. What makes it so winter-ready is the brand’s Thinsulate® tech, which is pretty much the byword for Mack Weldon’s WARMKNIT collection. This feat, fused into the puffer’s both sides, insulates your body temperature from the outside, keeping you warm and dry sans weighing you down like a parka.

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So, this winter, wrap yourself up in a do-it-all kind of puffer jacket instead. If Mack Weldon’s WARMKNIT 2-Way isn’t cutting it, you might as well run down the snow-ridden avenue naked or get a hunchback from the heft of other bulkier outerwear. Offering more warmth, less weight, and a versatile style that can anchor any fit—just turn it inside out!—it’s this winter’s wardrobe must-have and game-changer in the best possible way.


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